Julia Fox Poses With Pigeons In Puffer Mini Skirt & Crop Top With Sharp Pumps for ‘Face’ Magazine

Julia Fox modeled with some unlikely friends on a set of stairs, posting the photo to her Instagram yesterday.

Fox is seen reclining on a set of white stairs that seem to be floating. The star modeled athleisure with a twist, sitting amongst three pigeons, Fox joking that the birds resembled, “3 NYC locals in Paris 💕”.

Fox strikes her best poses, the actress finding her zen amongst the birds in a puffy cropped jacket. The jacket’s hood is lined with gray faux-fur while the rest is made of white slick material. The jacket is adorned with zippers and tassels galore with accents of dark blues and vibrant yellows littering the utility jacket.

The model slipped on gray fingerless gloves, showing off her wildly long clear acrylics.

For bottoms, Fox faced a micro skirt similar to the jacket she wore on top, made of a similar material. The top of the skirt is also lined in a fuzzy gray material while the rest of the skirt is made of a puffer-like fabric. The skirt also has tassels and buckles, much like a rain jacket or sports jacket would have. Fox tagged Diesel in the post, a favorite of the model’s.

The shoes Fox wore matched the set impeccably down to the colors and silhouette. The pointed pumps are made up of different shades of gray and yellow, decorated with a yellow bow on the front of each shoe. The heel is small, black, and skinny, the style of pump curving along with Fox’s feet. It’s a magical set of shoes, practically made for the set Fox is dressed in. The shot is cool and very Deisel, even with the pigeons.

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