Chrissy Teigen Elevates Boyfriend Jeans With Espresso Stilettos in Bed

From red carpets to the streets, Chrissy Teigen loves to share her style inspiration on Instagram. Today, she transported her followers to her bedroom, where she served up another stellar look.

Teigen posed for the camera languidly, laying across her bed with her feet perched in the air. She wore a deep V-neck black tank top with the sides cut out. Then, she wore boyfriend jeans, messily cuffed at the bottom, which worked well with her mules.

For her accessories, she chose large gold hoops and a solid gold necklace to complement the simplicity of the outfit. Next to her bed was a leather bag that tied into the outfit easily.

Boyfriend jeans and heels have always worked, as this was seen tremendously throughout the last decade. It has been formulaic for celebrities to express their on-the-go look with a pair of heels and a baggy silhouette for a casual touch. This allows for a sporty-meets-flirty collaboration, where the edge meets a feminine graze.

In this case, the mules work even better because they’re not just any type of heel. This particular mule has a tan sole and an espresso stiletto with a thick plush strap across the foot. The mule holds its own as it brings its a peculiar flavor to the look.

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