Chloe Bailey Delivers Edgy Biker Glamour in Red Latex Jacket Deconstructed Into Micro Miniskirt With 5-Inch Heels

Chloe Bailey went red and shiny all over in a recent Instagram video.

The “Treat Me” songstress modeled a daring Emery jacket that was deconstructed into a two-piece look, writing, “Lemme love you for the night” on Aug. 3. Bailey towered over the camera as she posed and delivered a runway-worthy walk.

The one-half of Chloe x Halle wore an all-red latex outfit, starting off with a fierce cropped jacket and a statement popped collar. Bailey wore nothing under the open jacket, taking a chance on a daring look that came with a cool payoff.

The angular jacket was paired with an even riskier shiny asymmetrical skirt. Bailey popped on sleek ’90s-style silver biker shades with clear lenses and styled her hair up in a high pony adorned with the same shiny red fabric as her two-piece set for a more cohesive look. The set was made of a dynamic fabric, the shine extremely eye-catching, especially under the bright studio lights. Bailey is always one for surprise. It seems that every outfit she wears causes some sort of buzz.

The star elevated her ensemble quite literally, coordinating with sky-high platform stilettos. The chunk red heels gave Bailey a boost in height. It’s impressive to see her walking around in such chunky high heels and doing it flawlessly. The stilettos elevated the outfit, taking it from something grunge-leaning to something one might find on the catwalk.

PHOTO: Check out Chloe Bailey’s ever-changing style over the years. 

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