Crocs Said It’s Now a 100% Vegan Brand in Latest ESG Report

Crocs has released a new report detailing its progress towards the brand’s sustainability and equity goals.

In its 2021 Crocs Comfort report, the footwear brand highlighted its commitment to become net zero by 2030, a goal it set last year, and outlined additional actions that it plans to take towards reaching its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

The report, released on Tuesday, Crocs said it became a 100% vegan brand, one of its main goals from last year. And, in its effort to reach net zero emission, Crocs also said that its Classic Clog has reached a carbon footprint of 2.56 kg CO2, and the company said it is actively working to decrease that number.

This effort could be achieved through the use of more sustainable materials. In its 2021 report, Crocs said it is aiming to create more sustainable footwear by incorporating bio-based Croslite material into its entire collection of molded footwear. Created in partnership with global materials science company Dow, Croslite is made from sustainably sourced plant-based waste and by-products. Crocs said that it is producing and shipping its first shoes that include a percentage of bio-based material on a mass balance basis, with plans to increase over time.

As for the company’s charitable actions in 2021, Crocs said it donated 150,000 shoes to organizations around the world and has raised $2.5 million for Feeding America, enabling over 25 million meals for those in need.

And, in an effort to create a more equitable workplace, Crocs reported that more than half of its U.S. workforce identifies as a person of color, and two thirds (67%) of its global workforce identifies as female.

“While we remain focused on delivering against a long-term strategy for sustainable, profitable growth, we equally recognize that we have a responsibility to steward meaningful change by taking action to create a more comfortable world,” said Crocs CEO Andrew Rees in a statement. “This report is an important step on our journey to becoming a more sustainable and equitable company, setting forth our commitments and continuing to lay the groundwork for what’s to come. We are pleased to share our progress and the plans that will pave the way forward.”

This news comes just weeks after the clog maker appointed Deanna Bratter as its first VP and global head of sustainability. At Crocs, Bratter will be responsible for driving the company toward its stated goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions, and also will enhance its commitments and impacts across environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance.

To read the full report, click here.

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