The Athlete’s Foot and Reform Alliance to Host a Probation and Parole Policy-Focused National Town Hall in Atlanta

For its latest community-focused effort, retail standout The Athlete’s Foot has joined forces with nonprofit organization Reform Alliance to host a town hall in Atlanta.

The town hall is scheduled to take place on Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. ET at Plywood Place. According to The Athlete’s Foot, a discussion will take place covering a variety of topics, such as how probation and parole policies could be improved, how to close “the revolving door between supervision and incarceration” and how safety and well-being in communities could be improved. It will also be lived-streamed nationally for free.

Guests include, but are not limited to, record producer ATL Jacob, Elizabeth Rainwater of Georgia Justice Project and Reform Alliance senior director of membership Britton Smith.

“Partnering with the Reform Alliance is strategically aligned with TAF’s mission to participate in necessary conversations on social issues and to help raise awareness on these important topics,” The Athlete’s Foot senior director of product and marketing Darius Billings said in a statement. “We as a company believe in actively giving back to the communities we serve, and look forward to an open and honest conversation on how we can assist in creating a change in probation and parole reform.”

In a statement today, The Athlete’s Foot cited Georgia Justice Project data, which stated 1 in every 18 adults in Georgia is on probation. The retailer also noted the Reform Alliance’s prior efforts in the state, which along with the Georgia Safety Coalition worked to help Senate Bill 105 get passed and signed into law in 2021. Senate Bill 105, according to the Georgia State Assembly, relates to the statewide probation system, most notably the conditions and procedures under which probation may be terminated early.

“We are excited to bring such an incredible group of leaders together in Atlanta for a discussion about how we can reimagine our parole and probation systems nationwide,” Smith said in a statement. “When we have influencers like ATL Jacob, who has firsthand experience with the system; partners like The Athlete’s Foot, who are dedicated to true corporate citizenship; and our allies at the Georgia Justice Project, who have helped us pass real reforms in Georgia, we can engage in a truly meaningful and impactful conversation.”

Aside from this town hall, The Athlete’s Foot has ramped up its focus on community empowerment as of late. For instance, it created The Impact Council in August to uplift neighborhoods in mind via initiatives, enrichment and outreach programs. Breaking down its efforts further, The Athlete’s Foot said it will cultivate and sponsor programs such as recreational sports leagues, playgrounds, college scholarships, clothing and food drives “that directly impact underserved communities.” The Impact Council will operate under five pillars: community enrichment, social justice, female empowerment, children in need and creating opportunities for the homeless.

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