Stadium Goods Expands Its SoHo NYC Store and Launches a New Premium Apparel Range

The first home of Stadium Goods is now a bit larger.

Since 2015, Stadium Goods has maintained a presence in New York City’s bustling SoHo neighborhood, occupying space at 47 Howard St. Today, the company will open the doors of its renovated storefront, which includes a new entrance at 305 Canal St., allowing for a continuous flow of consumer traffic from street to street. (When Stadium Goods opened in 2015, the 305 Canal St. entrance was the home to its market center for sellers, which was moved to 307 Canal St. two years ago.)

With this expansion, the store now consumes 2,860 square feet of space for people to shop.

“Providing sneaker and streetwear consumers with a luxury retail shopping experience was one of the foundational principles of Stadium Goods, and this is an opportunity to expand on that,” Stadium Goods VP of retail and geographic expansion Phung Truong told FN. “Our category offering has expanded tremendously since we first opened 47 Howard in 2015 — we now carry our own in-house apparel brand, Stadium, along with other apparel brands, collectibles and accessories — and the expansion allows us to give those products a merchandising home that was built just for them. In addition we’re working on experiential programming for our newly renovated space to continue to engage our community and innovate on our in-store experience.”

Stadium Goods SoHo New York City
A look inside the renovated Stadium Goods SoHo NYC store.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Stadium Goods

Additions to the store with the renovation include a 360-degree circular cash wrap area inspired by LED screens in arenas, a sock bar at the cash wrap area with a colorful display to highlight the 50-plus range of hues available, three new museum-quality display cases to showcase specialty items, an updated trophy case with mirrors to offer an expansive feel and more. The company also sought to show the community’s rich history with a storefront that resonates with those historically found on Canal Street.

What’s more, Stadium Goods will dedicate a portion of the additional space to merchandise apparel, including its private label Stadium, which launched in March 2021.

“Apparel is an important and expanding part of our business, and our in-house lines are a big part of our plans overall. We’ve always sold our own branded apparel, and last year we launched Stadium, a standalone luxury line that’s been very successful. Part of the motivation for the renovation was wanting to have a place where we could really show the breadth of our own apparel offering,” Truong said.

Stadium 2 Stadium Goods
Selections from the Stadium 2 apparel range from Stadium Goods.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Stadium Goods

With the renovation, Stadium Goods will also debut its new Stadium 2 collection, a range that includes a Varsity Letterman Jacket, a Heavyweight Tricot Jacket, the workwear-inspired Barn Coat, a french terry Oversized Cardigan and more.

“Stadium 2 is an anniversary celebration of sorts. We debuted at this time last year with Stadium 1, a collection of premium, foundational essentials that evoked both luxury fashion and our deep roots in sneaker and streetwear culture. Stadium 2 is an evolution of the same concept. There’s a new version of our now ubiquitous Varsity Jacket; there’s a bomber that’s already checking; and a number of other pieces that can be either centerpieces or building blocks, depending on the mood,” Stadium Goods VP of brand creative and head designer Greig Bennett told FN.

This renovation is the second major brick-and-mortar undertaking of Stadium Goods in roughly two years. Before the SoHo expansion, Stadium Goods opened in October 2020 a two-level retail store in Chicago that consumes more than 6,000 square feet of real estate in the city’s Magnificent Mile shopping district. The door is located at 60 East Walton St. Also, Stadium Goods opened an intake center at 1719 North Damen Ave.

Stadium Goods Varsity Letterman Jacket
Stadium Goods Varsity Letterman Jacket.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Stadium Goods

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