Twitter Can’t Stop Talking About Payless Shoes — Here’s Why

Payless is trending on Twitter today after one user reminisced on the company’s affordability.

“In retrospect, I hate that Payless got made fun of because they had the same quality shoes y’all be buying from online boutiques now,” @pholanthropist posted. The Tweet has since prompted other users to share their shopping memories and opinions of Payless, which filed for a brankruptcy for a second time in 2019 and shuttered its North American stores. (Payless then returned to the United States market with the 2020 launch of its ecommerce site.)

Payless Shoes were notoriously known for its low-priced shoe styles, and many credited the company for offering a wide size range.

“Payless didn’t deserve the disrespect it got. If you needed some comfortable work shoes, it was the place to go. Plus they catered to the wide/big foot people,” one user wrote.

Another user added, “If you have big feet (size 11 and up), Payless was one of the few places you could find cute affordable shoes. Now its just Kohls and Target left. Department stores typically don’t go over size 10.”

Twitter also compared Payless’ accessibility to today’s popular e-commerce fashion sites that also offer affordable prices. However, many remembered a difference. When Payless was in its prime in the 2000s, Twitter users talked about being bullied for wearing the budget-friendly shoes. Now, influencers are praised and often rewarded for showing off their shopping hauls from similarly-priced companies.

“I remember kids getting bullied in school for wearing Payless because their parents couldn’t afford $70.00 Nikes. Meanwhile people are buying so much cheap fashion today & a lot of the quality of these products are much cheaper quality than Payless ever was,” another said.

“My parents could only afford Payless shoes when I was growing up and I got made fun of everyday for it lol. I have no doubt Payless would thrive in this generation,” said another.

Last March, Payless made a comeback with its post-bankruptcy brick-and-mortar debut in Miami. The store features 10,000 footwear, apparel and accessories at any given time, according to Payless.

The company continues to operate 700 stores throughout Latin/Central America, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Middle East and India. The Payless Miami location is the first of a series of retail openings in the North American market.

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