Neiman Marcus Group to Open ‘Corporate Hubs’ in Other Cities

Neiman Marcus Group will establish various “corporate hubs” as opposed to having employees stationed at its one major headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The company confirmed to FN on Thursday that most of its corporate workforce will remain in Dallas, where the retailer’s three floors of office space will continue to exist on top of its store there, with the option for some workers to primarily work out of new hubs in cities that have yet to be disclosed.

WWD first reported the news, adding that Neiman Marcus will continue to remain based in Dallas and there are no plans to close the office or store there.

“Yesterday was an important milestone in the process of creating Neiman Marcus Group’s new Dallas hub,” a Neiman Marcus Group spokesperson told FN in a statement. “As tour process moves forward, we remain committed to continued collaboration with the City of Dallas on a final agreement that enables Neiman Marcus Group to deliver a modern workspace consistent with our integrated working philosophy and contributes to sustained economic development and job creation.”

In a statement to WWD, the company said that it has seen a slight decrease in the number of corporate associates in the Dallas area.

Neiman Marcus Group allowed employees to work fully remotely for two years. The company has said that this flexible working policy has boosted employee retention and happiness. The luxury department store chain, which also owns Bergdorf Goodman, said that its goal is to allow employees to determine their work schedules and office set-ups to maximize effectiveness.

“The past two years of the pandemic have shined a light on the importance and urgency of maintaining our mental health,” said Eric Severson, Neiman Marcus’ EVP and chief people and belonging officer, in a previous interview with FN.

In February, Neiman Marcus said its turnover rate was down 20% from 2019 since implementing certain remote working policies. The company, which filled 1,200 roles in 2021, also said its time-to-hire rate — or the time it takes to fill a position — has gone down 32% compared to 2019.

NMG also said in February it was gearing up to move employees to a new integrated office in Dallas, Texas, which would foster an environment for hybrid work. Corporate employees will be able to work remotely from anywhere and come into the office when they want to collaborate in-person. For store associates, NMG offers a remote selling tool called Connect, which helps some workers connect with customers remotely.

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