The Company Behind the Viral Satan Shoes Will Launch a Footwear Line This Year

MSCHF, the company behind the viral “Satan Shoes,” is not done making conversation-sparking footwear just yet.

The Brooklyn-based art collective is advertising a job listing seeking a sneaker designer to help it develop its own in-house footwear line, which is slated to launch in early 2022.

The job listing asks for an experienced sneaker designer that can turn concepts into wearable shoes. The designer will be responsible for ideating, creating and launching new footwear designs.

“For example, if we said, ‘let’s create a bagel sneaker,’ you’d take that prompt and work on a series of design concepts for a bagel sneaker,” the listing said. “You must be open-minded and capable of designing unique and novel concepts. Huge bonus points if you’re comfortable putting together crude prototypes in the office, e.g. 3D-printed outsoles with hacked-together uppers for conceptual analysis.”

MSCHF did not immediately return FN’s request for comment.

MSCHF is known for creating viral, irreverent products that stir conversation — and often controversy — online. These statement-making items have taken the form of footwear in the past. For example, MSCHF in March released controversial “Satan Shoes” in connection with Lil Nas X. The shoes were essentially the classic Air Max 97s reimagined with black uppers and red detailing. Only 666 pairs of the shoe, which also contained drops of human blood and sold for $1,018, were meant to be released.

In March, Nike filed a trademark infringement and dilution complaint against MSCHF for the sneakers.

In a statement, Nike said it does not have a relationship with Lil Nas X or MSCHF. In April, Nike and MSCHF reached a settlement, which included a voluntary recall of the shoes that sold. This recall also included removing the company’s previously launched “Jesus Shoes,” which were also based on a Nike Air Max 97 and included actual holy water in them from the River Jordan.

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