Why L.L.Bean Will Not Post on Social Media During the Month of May

L.L.Bean is going “off the grid” for the month of May in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month.

In an effort to encourage its followers and fans to take time outside to prioritize their mental wellbeing, the outdoor retailer said it will pause posting across all social media channels and wipe its Instagram grid clean for the month. In its place are a set of six posts that create a grid of a outdoor landscape with the words “Gone Fishin’” on one of the posts.

The company said it plans to return to social media on June 1, but in the meantime, L.L.Bean has left behind a link to a few online resources that provide tips and tools to prioritize self-care.

What’s more, the company also announced on Tuesday a $500,000 grant and two-year partnership with Mental Health America to help reach people through community-based outdoor programs, research and multimedia campaigns aimed at creating connection and inclusion in the outdoors and uncovering the wellness benefits of time spent outside.

“For more than a century, L.L.Bean has helped enable people to get outside, based on the belief that experiences in nature help bring out the best in us,” said Shawn Gorman, L.L.Bean executive chairman, who also happens to be the great-grandson of founder Leon Leonwood Bean. “Now, research confirms what we have always felt intuitively: Going outside is critical for our individual and collective well-being. We are so enthusiastic to partner with Mental Health America to help more people experience the restorative power of the outdoors in their daily lives.”

Mental Health America’s president and CEO Schroeder Stribling, added: “Even a simple walk outside can lower your risk of depression, strengthen cognitive function and increase focus. All of these effects improve our mental health and well-being at a time when we need it most.”

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