Kenneth Cole Launches NYC Pop-Up Store Supporting The Mental Health Coalition  

Kenneth Cole’s new pop-up shop is launching with purpose. The idea of the concept shop, located on the corner of Bond Street and The Bowery in New York, is to offer “Temporary” collections as change is the only constant.

“The world, we believe, is very much in transition. We work differently, we consume brands differently. I think today our job is to relate to the customer and the goal is to have a platform with the ability to change,” Cole said at a press event on Wednesday morning. “We have set out to create a relevant experience, to speak to our audience in a meaningful way about what’s not just on their body but what’s on their mind.”

For the opening, the assortment will feature 13 in-store exclusive men’s apparel looks from the fall ’22 collection, footwear, and Voicewear products that feature messages that are relevant, thoughtful and engaging. A percentage of all sales will be donated to The Mental Health Coalition.

kenneth cole, pop up, nyc
Inside Kenneth Cole’s new pop-up.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Kenneth Cole

Customers will be able to enjoy complimentary juices from Pressed. In addition, Kenneth Cole has partnered with Uber and is offering complimentary delivery of anything purchased within 24 hours to any of the five boroughs. With the goal of changing quarterly, customers are encouraged to visit soon before the next assortment of product hits shelves.

Kenneth Cole launched the Mental Health Coalition, a large-scale commitment that brings together nonprofits, businesses, brands, celebrities and influencers in a coordinated effort to destigmatize mental health conditions, in 2020. And while the non-profit has grown exponentially, so has the crisis, Cole told FN in the spring.

“Everybody is living with mental health and the needs are overwhelming,” he said. “COVID-19 has exacerbated everything. And now we are in what I call a crisis of uncertainty. Our life is maybe right now. ‘Am I going back to work? Do I have to wear a mask? Is a booster really necessary?’ Everybody is trying to figure out how to navigate this.”

In May, the organization launched a campaign called “Feel Your Feelings” — a call for people to identify and honor their wide range of emotions. The initiative is based on the Coalition’s program board member Dr. Marc Brackett’s Mood Meter, with the goal to help people put words to how they’re truly feeling, without filters, hesitancy, or shame. The Mental Health Coalition also teamed up with Pinterest in May for Mental Health Awareness month.

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