Rapper Jim Jones Calls Out Gucci for Alleged Racial Profiling During New York Shopping Spree

Rapper Jim Jones has called out Gucci in a series of videos on social media for lack of customer service and alleged racial profiling during a shopping trip on Tuesday.

Jones recorded his day on Instagram while shopping with fellow rapper 5ive Mics in New York. The two were busy shooting a music video for “Going Shoppin,” and the first stop was Gucci.

There, Jones said he and his entourage were inside the VIP lounge for more than an hour with zero customer service. He said there wasn’t a salesperson attending to him, and “not even a drink of water.” Jones added that he asked to speak to multiple managers and “everyone disappeared.”

“I asked to speak to a manager. They sent out a Black guy who started telling me some [bullsh*t.] So they got the Black guy racially profiling on Black people… I’m tired of this. We spending all this money as entertainers inside these stores. They hire these Black people and these Black people are more racist than white people when they get their job inside of Gucci,” he said in the Instagram video, which has been viewed 285,000 times.

The rapper said the bill at the Gucci store was inching up to $30,000.

Jones then moved onto Bergdorf Goodman.

“Big difference in Bergdorf,” he posted in another video, as he can be seen drinking champagne.

The rappers finished up their day at Louis Vuitton followed by GB’s for some sneaker shopping, which proved to be successful, according to more video clips on Instagram.

“Gucci really some suckers,” Jones posted later on social media. “And for those [looking] I’m from the outside [saying] this is some rich privilege [sh*t] it’s really not, it’s about [treating] people with respect no matter the race or [what you] may think [you] know about a person. And for people [saying] that’s spending money foolishly [you] never know [what] a person been [through so you] should never worry about what a person does with his.”

FN has reached out to Gucci for comment.

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