Phil Knight and Warren Buffett Are the Top Sneaker Players on the Forbes 400 Wealthiest People in the U.S. List

The world of sneakers is well represented at the top of the Forbes 400 wealthiest people in the U.S. list.

Warren Buffett holds the No. 5 position on the list, which was released by the publication today. Buffett’s net worth for the 2022 Forbes 400 list is $97 billion. The multibillionaire’s real time net worth as of today, according to Forbes, is $92.7 billion.

Buffett’s ties to sneakers are through standout running brand Brooks, which is a subsidiary of his Berkshire Hathaway holding company. In 2021, Brooks ended the year as a billion-dollar brand for the first time, with global revenue exceeding $1.11 billion, a 31% percent increase from 2020.

Twelve spots below Buffett is Phil Knight and family, coming in at No. 17 with a 2022 Forbes 400 Net Worth of $41.5 billion. His real time net worth as of today, according to Forbes, is $38.6 billion.

In 1964, Knight co-founded athletic footwear and apparel powerhouse Nike with Bill Bowerman, which was then known as Blue Ribbon Sports. Knight stepped down as chairman of Nike Inc. in June 2016. In June of this year, Nike Inc. reported its fiscal 2022 results, which revealed a revenue increase of 5% to $46.7 billion.

The methodology for the list, according to the publication, is a snapshot of wealth using stock prices and exchange rates from March 11. Forbes explained that some people become richer or poorer within days of publication, and it lists individuals rather than multigenerational families who share fortunes, although wealth belonging to a billionaire’s spouse and children is included if that person is the founder of the fortune. Assets included, the publication stated, are private companies, real estate, art and more.

Last year, Buffett held the No. 8 position on the list with a net worth of $102 billion, and Knight and family was No. 14 with a net worth of $59.9 billion.

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