Wholesale Fashion Redefined

Brands and retailers seeking fresh perspectives on fashion, style-forward solutions, and some much-needed sunshine; can head out west to Palm Springs for the debut of FashionGo’s first in-person trade event – and the novel experience will be a strategic merging of the firm’s wholesale known-how with its robust digital community to breathe new life into the B2B market.

Held in conjunction with FashionGo Week Palm Springs on May 3-5 at the Palm Springs Convention Center and organized by FashionGo Events, the debut event marks the evolution of FashionGo from a strictly digital entity to a live, intelligently-interactive affair.

Established in 2002 in the heart of the Los Angeles Fashion District, FashionGo, a B2B wholesale online marketplace that fosters industry-wide connectivity and fashion-related opportunities. Part of NHN Global; FashionGo boasts an extensive list of vendors and an ever-growing community of retailers that engage with the firm’s solutions, service, and insightful industry data.

A strong focus on cultivating relationships and omnichannel retailing; the idea for FashionGo’s event is to blend physical and digital wholesale discovery and commerce while broadening accessibility to the wholesale market – and with a robust quality-vetted exhibitor list.

Here, Tom Nastos, FashionGo Events, talks to Fairchild Studio about cultivating relationships, FashionGo’s commitment to local and wholesale communities, and what’s trending up in the wholesale market.

Fairchild Studio: Tell us about the genesis of this show. What led to FashionGo’s decision to evolve into an in-person event?

Tom Nastos: B2B wholesale buying is evolving. Retailers have been adopting ‘fast-turn’ merchandising strategies to increase their sell-through and allow for the flexibility to purchase based upon immediate customer demand or market trend.

The market dynamic has only accelerated since the pandemic with digital wholesale adoption vastly increasing. However, the need for retailers to see, touch, and feel products remains a crucial part of the discovery journey, which can’t be replicated online.

FashionGo Events was launched with the purpose of meeting this market need, creating frequent market access both online and in-person. FashionGo Week Palm Springs & New York will combine the creativity, rich-experience, and sense of community, with the convenience, speed, the efficiency of powerful technology, and data driven tools. Integrating FashionGo’s digital marketplace; streaming media, and live event opportunities into a seamless shopping experience.

FashionGo Events is focused on creating market access for all our customers to discover, connect, and transact. By fusing the very best of online and offline shopping, we make it efficient, and convenient, for both retailers and brands to do business with one another, and securely purchase products.

Fairchild Studio: Why is this event distinctive in the fashion market?

T.N.: Today’s rapid adoption of digital buying behavior has severely disadvantaged traditional tradeshows and physical markets. Many organizers have pivoted to digital offerings; however, none fully support seamless end-to-end transactions, and market access that quickly fulfills open-to-buy, while replenishing inventory. Typically, retailers are provided brand lists and digital look-books of exhibitors prior to market that attendees can browse prior to the show.

FashionGo Week Palm Springs, our debut event; will offer retailers the ability to have a more digital, consumer-like interaction with brands and products. We will offer the ability to browse, and explore online, the same as they would offline, within the FashionGo platform. Retailers can search and discover actual products – not brand-lists and categories – and can bookmark and favorite items they want to see in person.

To further support order placing and seamless transactions, at the event, retailers can use the FashionGo mobile app to securely purchase products immediately, while efficiently tracking their shipments directly to their stores.

Retailers will love discovering new and trending styles, with FashionGo’s innovative visual search technology tool Style Match+. Available on the mobile app, which will help them quickly find products both online and in-person; from brands like By Together, Polagram, and Le Lis. Style Match+ quickly finds similar style products based on an image from wherever inspiration strikes – the web, social media, or a favorite celebrity.

For those that cannot attend the event in person; FashionGo Week online will run concurrently with FashionGo Week Palm Springs. It will feature the same digital benefits, and promotions, with an emphasis on live streaming, and social selling.

Brands such as Maker’s Shoes, Lush, Fate, or even Wishlist will be able to connect with our vast online audience on our GoLive Streaming media channel, offering real-time chat, and shoppable collections.

We’re really excited to offer retailer’s exclusive access to our GoLive Social Selling Studio, à la Palm Springs style. Retailers can invite their social media audiences on their onsite shopping journey, and they can easily find out what their customers want before even placing an order.

Fairchild Studio: In what ways does FashionGo support the wholesale community? 

T.N.: As we all know; the industry has undergone a major evolution. Brands and Retailers have been catapulted into a digital future. Responding to this, we’ve put a big emphasis on understanding and providing the types of omni-channel market access the industry needs now and moving forward.

In addition to high quality market access, we also support our community with value added services that save them time and money. FashionGo Rewards programs that allow retailers to shop and earn points to save on future purchases. Services like Consolidated Shipping; whereby a retailer can purchase from multiple participating brands and receive their order in one single shipment. Those are real dollars going back into the pockets of our community, not to mention the time and convenience of tracking one single shipment.

FashionGo supports buyers and sellers of all stages to shop smarter, sell more, and grow faster.

Fairchild Studio: How is FashionGo bringing the local community to life?

T.N.: Palm Springs is an iconic destination – dare we say, a resort location. Folks want to go to a great destination. Palm Springs has already been branded as an “oasis.” It has so much to offer our community, especially around health and wellness, including outdoor activities, a diverse range of dining experiences, shopping, and nightlife, at various price points to fit any budget.

We are working closely with Palm Springs to provide endless offerings and opportunities to our attendees. We want them to curate their own journey, whether with family, friends, or business partners – there’s something for everyone. Our intention is for it to be immersive and inclusive. Local businesses are also a focus, and we want to support them.

Fairchild Studio: What’s next for FashionGo Events?

T.N.: We are making data driven decisions on expanding to new locations; we will be expanding to New York this upcoming November 7-9. As we grow the live events, expect new approaches to the discovery process using our platform. We’re strategically working with brands to provide protective market exclusivity – especially for distribution.

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