VF Corp. Grew BIPOC Representation Across U.S. Team in 2022

VF Corp. grew its representation of BIPOC-identifying associates in the U.S. at all levels in fiscal year 2022.

The maker of brands such as Vans, The North Face and Timberland on Monday said BIPOC employees grew to 56% of the company’s total U.S. workforce in fiscal year 2022, compared to 54.5% in 2021. This includes employees across retail, distribution centers and corporate.

This progress, as well as other milestones, was outlined in the company’s Annual Profile on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action (IDEA), which VF Corp. released on Monday. The report, meant to help the company take stock of its diversity and inclusion progress, outlined actions such as brand partnerships and equity and parity goals for the company’s workforce.

In 2022, VF said women accounted for 42% of roles at the global director level and above. BIPOC employees made up 18% of the director and above population in the U.S. Overall, women represented 53% of VF’s total global workforce. 61% of new U.S. hires and 48% of U.S. promotions were members of the BIPOC community, VF said.

“This year’s report illustrates VF’s meaningful progress to empower associates, brands, consumers, and our greater society through inclusivity, allyship, and individuality,” said VF’s VP of global inclusion, diversity, equity and action Lauren Guthrie in a statement. “At VF, it is vital that the ideas we put forth are not just aspirational, but actionable. Our progress in FY22 across multiple fronts continues to drive business benefit and inspires us to further innovate and expand on our work.”

Overall, VF aims to achieve gender parity at the director level and above across the globe by 2030. The company also wants to have 25% representation of BIPOC people at the director level and above in the U.S. by 2030.

Also in 2022, VF established its Global Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Council (GIDEC) to ensure its DEI targets were included as a core business initiative.

VF Corp has taken significant actions to improve diversity and inclusion within its walls in recent years. Just last week, the company said that it joined forces with Pensole Lewis College of Business & Design for a diversity-focused masterclass to advance opportunities for designers of color. In 2020, the company hired Guthrie to lead its global inclusion and diversity efforts and directing, developing and operationalizing the company’s strategy with a focus on transformational change.

VF last week also released its fifth “Made for Change” report which analyzed its current achievements against its long-term sustainability goals.

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