Wolverine’s Holistic Evolution

Footwear brand Wolverine is evolving on all fronts as the brand levels up in the market. From fashion-forward Fall footwear collections and continued momentum into the outdoor category to spotlighting women in the segment through new hiker styles and company-wide support, Wolverine is expanding through both product and presence.

Wolverine’s Fall 2023 collections prove that the brand is ripe and ready for growth. This coming season, Wolverine will launch new styles from its successful Torrent franchise, an uber-stylish outdoor boot with a subtle heel that pairs fashion with function. Next up is the debut of two new women’s hikers, the Chisel and the Luton – but what stands out is the brand’s authentic shift into the outdoor category as it simultaneously turns its attention to influencing and uplifting women in the space.

Here, Lauren King, Brand Marketing Director at Wolverine, talks to Fairchild Studio about its new styles for fall, the current state of the outdoor market, and how the brand uniquely supports and empowers women.

Fairchild Studio: Wolverine is expanding its Torrent franchise with new styles this fall. What makes the Torrent an ideal style for outdoor, and what can we expect to see this coming season? 

Lauren King: The Wolverine Torrent boot made its strong debut in Fall 2021 and blends style with performance, something we know consumers are looking for. At first glance, the Torrent provides the style-right design she is looking for, and we’ve paired that essential aspect with the function that’s needed to confidently experience the outdoors and its elements. In Fall 2022, we’re excited to expand the Torrent collection with new colorways and materials, including wool, quilting, and leathers.

The evolution of the Torrent collection, launching in Fall ’22 with new colorways and materials.

Fairchild Studio: Tell us about Wolverine’s new outdoor boots for women slated for Spring 2023, the Chisel and the Luton. What are some of the qualities that makes these styles distinctive in the outdoor segment?

L.K.: As a 139-year-old work boot brand and the market leader in work boots, we feel a great responsibility to stay true to our roots. With our reputation of providing tough and rugged footwear solutions, we work to ensure every product we bring to market represents our hardworking heritage. The Chisel and the Luton are extensions of this commitment.

The Chisel, like our Torrent boot, delivers unique style and color elements, while excelling in the functional areas of grip, comfort, and durability. This boot was made for the outdoors but born from a work point of view.

Meanwhile, the Luton is the versatile multi-tool she needs in her closet. For days on the trail or building her next project in the yard, the Luton combines the colorways she wants to express herself with the function and confidence to perform the task at hand.

Fairchild Studio: There is a clear focus on women and the outdoors at Wolverine. How does Wolverine empower women in the outdoor space?

L.K.: As we’ve continued to deliver outdoor solutions for her, we’ve made

it the top priority to seek out what she wants and expects from our brand. Through in-depth consumer insights, as well as through our internal Women’s Collective made up of women across multiple departments, we’re designing for her and by her.

The primary team developing our outdoor assortment is made up of women seeking to create stylish, quality products that meet the demands of her outdoor work and recreation needs. Additionally, we’re partnering with women’s organizations for upcoming projects to not only outfit but support her journey in outdoor work and play through storytelling and contributions.

The Wolverine women’s Chisel, launching in Spring ’23.

Fairchild Studio: Would you share wolverine’s current view of the outdoor market? How has it evolved of late, and what do consumers want now? 

L.K.: The outdoor market continues to see steady success and growth as more and more people discover the outdoors in various capacities, and Wolverine has high brand awareness in this category. We know consumers are looking for style-right products they can count on to perform, and they want to buy into brands they trust.

With our long-standing history delivering comfortable and durable footwear, we’ve seen success connecting with the existing and new outdoor consumer, and we’re excited to continue offering them a variety of solutions for their evolving outdoor lifestyle.

Fairchild Studio: What’s next for Wolverine? 

L.K.: We will continue to dedicate our focus on our core work roots and the expansion of our outdoor offerings. In addition to the introduction of two new boots for her in Spring 2023, the Fall/Winter 2023 season will bring our most extensive women’s assortment to date. We plan to be the year-round solution for her as she looks for outdoor footwear that exceeds her expectations.

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