Reebok’s Nano X1 Is the Perfect Gym Sneaker and Christmas Gift to Give This Season

Finding a sneaker that does everything you need it to in the gym can be hard. I don’t know about you, but anything that makes a workout harder other than, you know, the actual workout is a no from me. The last thing you need is to be worried about your response time during a sprint, or thinking about how much (or little) leverage the drop is providing on a heavy lift.

For a long time, finding shoes that could perform during any sort of cross-training workout was virtually impossible, because they didn’t exist. You were either running in a weightlifting sneaker or lifting weights in a running sneaker, and there was no way around it.

Reebok came in and fixed all that with its Nano sneaker line. And every year since its drop in 2010, there’s a new-and-improved Nano to make that workout even better. The latest: Reebok’s Nano X1. First, the forefoot is flexible, so the shoe doesn’t make it feel like you’re stuck on the ground when you wear it. And thanks to the brand’s signature Floatride Energy Foam, the style also has the responsiveness you need for quick runs.

Next, there’s the heel clip, which keeps your foot stable as you pick up and put down heavy stuff. On top, Reebok used its beloved Flexweave upper, which has just the right amount of breathability and stretch so your feet don’t feel trapped. The heel clip and grippy bottom help ensure you still feel stable the whole time.

If there’s any brand to trust to make a perfected cross-training shoe, it’s Reebok. And don’t just take our word for it. The absolute masters of cross-training have been wearing and testing these sneakers for years. The Nano originated as a shoe for CrossFit, one of the most intense and varied workouts around. You’re lifting heavy, of course, but you’re also climbing ropes and doing gymnastics and generally trying to push your body to its absolute limit.

Complete with a flexible upper and wide toe box to let feet naturally splay, the Nano began as a shoe to do just that. Although the Nano isn’t a licensed CrossFit shoe anymore, the series still brings all of that cross-training knowledge to its evolution. Pair that with Reebok’s expertise in the sneaker and fitness world since 1958, and you’ve got yourself a shoe to trust.

Great sneakers are one of our favorite gifts to give and receive for every special occasion, and the Nano X1 makes a mighty good Christmas present. There’s one cut for men’s feet and one for women’s, both of which come in tons of fun colors to choose from. If someone you love is plotting their New Year’s fitness goals — or staying on top of the ones they’ve kept — this sneaker will power them through every workout, and then some.

Go ahead and shop it below.

Reebok Nano X1 Women’s

CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

Reebok Nano X1 Men’s

CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

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