Puma Taps Kool-Aid for a Refreshing and Nostalgic Summer Collaboration

Oh yeah! Kool-Aid is back — and has teamed up with Puma on a limited-edition collection of shoes, exclusively made with Foot Locker, Inc.

Next Wednesday, Aug. 4, Puma will release its juiciest collaboration yet. The brand has tapped into the nostalgia of summertime refreshment (and school lunches) with a line of colorful Kool-Aid-themed sneakers and clothing.

Puma, Kool-Aid, collaborations
Suede Triplex sneakers from the Puma x Kool-Aid collaboration.
CREDIT: Bruce Ha

Within the Puma x Kool-Aid line, Puma has revamped two of its’ iconic sneakers in refreshing Kool-Aid colors. Both feature geometric grid embossments on their soles, in homage to the brick wall Kool-Aid Man often bursts through in the drink’s commercials. Puma’s vintage-inspired Suede Triplex’s are covered in cool blue suede, which matches its’ laces, tongues, and shoe counters. This pair is also detailed with white, red, and blue leather accents on its’ uppers, reminiscent of Kool-Aid’s blue raspberry and cherry flavors. Complementary blue and white-speckled outsoles complete the kicks, which come in both adult and children’s sizes.

Puma, Kool-Aid, collaborations
Clyde sneakers from the Puma x Kool-Aid collaboration.
CREDIT: Bruce Ha

The athletic brand’s signature Clyde sneakers are given a similar Kool-Aid treatment with two white leather styles, both featuring red co-branded patches on their tongues. One pair, which also comes in children’s sizes, includes a sleek translucent blue wave accent, creating a pair that’s instantly retro. The second features a blue translucent sole—also reminiscent of Kool-Aid’s blue raspberry flavor—as well as a sharp blue wave accent with a white cracked print, reminiscent of ice. These inclusions of fashion’s current translucency trend allow the Clydes to be simultaneously modern and steeped in nostalgia, as it’s one of the largest trends in the footwear industry right now.

Puma, Kool-Aid, collaborations
Apparel from the Puma x Kool-Aid collaboration.
CREDIT: Bruce Ha

Puma’s also incorporated apparel into the Kool-Aid collection with comfortable athleisure. T-shirts are cast in tie-dye hues of red, blue, and purple, featuring the drink’s signature Kool-Aid Man smiley face — which brings them a whimsical throwback element. Another light blue T-shirt and a white hoodie are printed with Puma’s signature panther logo, atop a smashed hole that mimics Kool-Aid Man’s punches through hard surfaces. The hoodie is particularly cheerful, featuring sleeves accented with blue and purple tie-dye panels, plus a bold graphic of Kool-Aid Man — bedecked in sunglasses and a matching blue Puma tracksuit and sneakers, no less! — on its’ back.

The Puma x Kool-Aid collection, which retails from $30-$80, will be released on Aug. 4. You can check out the full line when it launches on FootLocker.com, KidsFootLocker.com, and ChampsSports.com.

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