Nike New Air Zoom G.T. Cut Hoops Shoe Just Dropped — Here’s How to Get a Pair

Nike Basketball revealed its Greater Than (G.T.) series in March, a new performance-based basketball collection that consists of the Air Zoom G.T. Cut, the Air Zoom G.T. Run and the Air Zoom G.T. Jump. The first of the three is the only pair to have released so far and it didn’t take long before sizes began flying off of shelves. However, pairs are still available on Nike’s web store.

The Air Zoom G.T. Cut is in stock via Nike.com now in a white-based iteration of the shoe and at the time of publication, the style is available in men’s sizes 4 to 4.5 with the bulk of the sizes available ranging from men’s 7 to 10, and a men’s size 16. According to the shoe’s product description, the Air Zoom G.T. Cut “is made for the Space Makers — the players who use their skills to create space for themselves and others.” The low-cut shoe is designed to minimize ground contact to give hoopers better on-court control and lateral stability.

“The game’s currency is about quickness and space. How you use space on court can mark the difference between winning and losing,” Nike senior creative director for men’s performance sports Ross Klein said about the G.T. series in March. “The Greater Than series helps enable all players to create space in three ways: cutting quicker, running longer and jumping higher.”

If your size for the aforementioned Air Zoom G.T. Cut release isn’t available, Nike confirmed that the “Blue Void” colorway of the shoe is dropping at Nike.com soon for $170.

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut
The lateral side of the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut “Blue Void”

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut 'Blue Void'
The lateral side of the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut “Blue Void.”
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

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