The Ugg Slippers I Can’t Live Without Are on Sale for Black Friday

Shop Ugg's best slippers and boots on sale this Black Friday.

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I was never really a slipper person. Women’s slippers always seemed either too flimsy or too structured and they always made my feet sweat. Always. Not exactly the kind of comfort you’re picturing when you think about soft and cozy house shoes.

That was true until my first and all-time favorite pair of slippers came into my life: the Ugg Fluffette. They have, of course, the signature Ugg lining on the inside but also on the outside, so it’s like your entire foot is wrapped in it. They have a flatter sole, which means they’re easy to slide on and off. And easy is the only way I’m putting a slipper on. If it takes any second of thought or effort, I’m staying in my socks.

For Black Friday shopping this year, Ugg has a bunch of its best products on sale, including the Flufette and another crowd favorite, the Ascot — a slipper that feels a little more like a slide and a house shoe. This is just in time for colder weather, when your feet need some extra love right after bed in the morning and when padding around inside on the weekends.

Ugg has some footwear on sale at Nordstrom, Zappos, Amazon and its own Ugg Closet site, which is exclusively for stuff on sale. In addition to the cozy slippers, there are also some signature boots discounted. That includes one of the classics: a mini boot (one of the best Uggs for women and a great buy as your first pair from the brand —  or your 10th). There’s also a discount on the Neumel boot, which has the shape of a desert boot but the same super-soft sheepskin lining.

If you’re looking for a winter boot that’s more adept at handling harsh weather, there are also some elements-friendly boots up for grabs. Ugg’s Yose Zip boots come up a little higher on the calf and have a rubber midsole that’s made for walking outside and has better traction than most soft boots.

Needless to say, every item that Ugg has on sale — from the Flufettes to the classic minis — is a great gift for men or women. The warm footwear is cozy, thoughtful and just sentimental enough. You can gift a pair to truly anyone you’re shopping for.

Ugg Fluffette Slipper

CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

Ugg Neumel Boot

CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

Ugg Classic Mini Boot

CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

Ugg Yose Zip Boot

CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

Ugg Ascot Slipper

CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

Ugg Oh Yeah Slipper

CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

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