A Protester Disrupts the Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 Show During Paris Fashion Week

The Louis Vuitton spring ’22 show during Paris Fashion Week had an unexpectedly climactic finale — thanks to a surprise protester today.

As models made their final walk across the brand’s catwalk at the Louvre Museum, a protestor disrupted the scene by storming the runway with signs reading: “Overconsumption = Extinction.”

louis vuitton, protestor, paris fashion week
A protestor disrupts the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2022 runway show during Paris Fashion Week.

The anti-consumerism statement aimed to highlight the wasteful side effects of the fashion industry, and the sign also included the logos of three French organizations including Les Amis de la Terre, Youth For Climate France and Extinction Rebellion France. After her entrance, the protestor was  brought to the ground and removed by security as seen on WWD’s Instagram page.

New York Times reporter Jessica Testa shared a longer video of the incident on her personal Twitter account, giving a 40-second look as the protestor managed to make it up and back down the runway before being detained.

It is unclear if the protestor was invited to the show or if she managed to sneak in past the tight security.

The incident today was not the first time a show during Paris Fashion Week has been interrupted, and it likely will not be the last.

At Chanel’s spring ’20 show in Paris a few years ago, for example, FN witnessed French comedian and performer Marie Benoliel hop on the runway and attempt to join the show. The performer was swiftly removed by none other than supermodel Gigi Hadid, who grabbed Benoliel by the elbow and escorted her off the stage.

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