Ugg Unveils New Sustainability Commitments for 2021, Including Its First-Ever Shoe Repair Program 

Ugg is taking steps towards creating a greener future.

In honor of Earth Day, the footwear brand has announced a series of commitments to restore the planet through its “Feel Good” initiative.

To start, Ugg has promised to regenerate 200,000 acres of land this year and 1,000,000 acres by 2025. To achieve this, Ugg is establishing a grant that will supply holistic solutions to promote soil health and biodiversity. The end goal? The label wants to transition the Australian sheepskin industry to a regenerative one — meaning the materials used are retrieved from waste. Also, Ugg is committed to sourcing 100% of wood-based products from responsible forests by partnering with Canopy to help restore forests.

Next, Ugg is hoping to put an end to the discarding of shoes, that contributes to massive amounts of waste. Ugg explained that the brand will fight this by creating products that are made to last. Additionally, the shoe label, will introduce its first-ever repair program. This will allow shoppers to have their favorite cozy footwear be restored to good condition.

Another big goal for Ugg is to promote transparency in the fashion industry by joining the Apparel Transparency Pledge, which works to hold companies accountable of their environmental impact. The brand has already started this by launching the all-gender Plant Power Collection. This line was created with carbon neutral, plant-based materials and it includes the plush Fluff Sugar Sandal and the Neumel Natural shoe. The Fluff Sandal, which comes with a $110 price tag, features an outsole foam made of renewable sugarcane. The Neumel Natural is $140 and is equipped with an upper woven with hemp.

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