Cat Footwear Debuts a Work Boot Made to Reduce Chronic Pain

Cat Footwear is known for making tough boots that can protect workers from on-the-job hazards, but its newest release addresses foot health to ease chronic pain.

According to the brand, the new Cat Edge industrial work boot is designed to be ergonomically correct in order to help reduce stress on the body, particularly for wearers who stand for long periods.

A study by the Harvard School of Public Health in 2012 found that 75% of construction workers reported suffering from musculoskeletal pain, and 42% had experienced a recent work injury.

The implications of their suffering is not just physical, as researchers found injured workers were more likely to be diagnosed with depression than non-injured workers. And a 2020 report by The Center for Construction Research and Training found that prescription opiod use increased significantly among workers with chronic pain.

To address this problem, Cat Footwear, which is a division of Wolverine World Wide Inc., built the Cat Edge with an ergonomic cushioned insole with arch supports, which are meant to provide comfort and reduce leg fatigue. Additionally, the outsole of the boot was designed to be wide and flat to the ground at the midfoot to prevent ankle rotation and minimize weight-bearing stresses.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Cat Footwear

Meanwhile, the Cat Edge also is equipped with a shock-absorbing heel and flexible grooves in the sole for traction, as well as a protective plate with a split shank, which allows the boot to bend naturally while guarding against dangers like nail punctures.

“As a brand committed to keeping workers safe every day, Cat Edge is an important and necessary innovation in Cat Footwear’s workwear family,” Kelly Ballou, VP of marketing at Cat Footwear. “Our team set out to develop a boot that would not only protect workers with cutting-edge footwear innovation but also provide workers with a boot that helps reduce pain.”

The Cat Edge will retail for $180 and is available now for preorder on Catfootwear.com.

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