The Home Alone x adidas Forum Collab Will Make Your Spirits Bright

If you’re looking to complete the perfect holiday outfit, you’re definitely going to need these “Home Alone”-themed sneakers from adidas.

Kevin McCallister, played by a 10-year-old Macaulay Culkin, would be proud to wear this Forum Low design. Created in collaboration with the film franchise, it features a white and red colorway that draws inspiration from the shoes worn by the movie’s lead character.

From trip wires to swinging buckets of paint, these shoes have design details that are inspired by all of Kevin’s best booby traps. The shoe features blackened ash marks that presumably harken back to the infamous blow torch scenes with Harry and Marv, who were the show’s rough-and-tumble villains known as the “Wet Bandits.” In the first film, Harry (played by Joe Pesci) gets hit with a torch upon breaking into the McCallisters’ Chicago home. There’s even a callback to the moment in “Home Alone 2” when Harry’s head is once again lit aflame. Marv (played by Daniel Stern) also has a hilarious scene wherein he gets electrocuted, leaving charred marks on his face much like those found on the adidas sneakers.

Another quirky element of the shoe design is in the heel, where a medallion is placed to represent the doorknob of the McCallister home — which Kevin heated with a charcoal starter in order to burn the bandits’ hands. Finally, the insoles feature comical stills of Harry and Mary for an another fun touch.

The “Home Alone” x adidas Forum Low collab will be available starting Dec. 11 on adidas.com and at select adidas retailers. But if you’re eager to get your hands on a pair even sooner, you can enter to win the sneakers early today via the adidas Confirmed app.

Home Alone x Adidas Forum Low
The lateral side of the Home Alone x adidas Forum Low.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Adidas
Home Alone x Adidas Forum Low
A front view of the Home Alone x adidas Forum Low.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Adidas

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