Wolverine CEO Blake Krueger Honored at 79th Annual Father of the Year Awards

Motivational speaker Tony Gaskins says “a man’s success is measured by what his wife and children say about him.” This can only mean that Wolverine Worldwide CEO Blake W. Krueger is triumphant.

Tonight, the businessman, who also serves as Chairman of the Board and Director of Wolverine Worldwide Inc., received the Father of the Year Award at the 2021 Father of the Year Awards — and his family praised his devotion.

Krueger’s daughter Jamie Van Haren shared, “[He’s] an interesting guy. He has so many passions. He loves rock n roll… and growing up he’d always make a point to be at our sports games and practices. He even volunteered to coach.”

Aside from always being present, Haren explained that Krueger — a father of four and now a grandfather of seven — taught his family the importance of determination. “He [taught us] the importance of hard work and there are no short cuts.”

Krueger’s wife, Mary, echoed similar sentiments, sharing that her husband takes pride in being a father and his love is evident in their grandchildren as they all “love their papa.”

Of balancing Wolverine Worldwide and family life, Krueger expressed it’s all about commitment.

“I don’t think there’s ever a balance,” Krueger explained. What I’ve found over the years as I was coaching my kids, getting to know their friends [is] that you had to make a time commitment, schedule the time in advance and protect it. That’s what I did.”

Expressing his gratitude for the award, Krueger said: “I’m very humbled, very honored.”

Krueger was among the many wonderful fathers to be honored this year. NBC News anchor Craig Melvin was also recognized as well as country star Braid Paisley and Dr. Albert Bourla — Chairman Officer of Pfizer Inc. — who is accepted on behalf of all Pfizer employees.

The virtual ceremony took place at 7 p.m. ET and was hosted by Dave Price, Weather Anchor, NBC4 New York.

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