Vans Announces That 100% of Its Top Materials Will Be Regenerative, Responsibly Sourced and Recycled by 2030

Vans is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

Today, the brand announced new global commitments to environmental sustainability and responsibility. The company plans to achieve these goals by 2030 by moving “towards creating circular products and systems that use regenerative and recycled materials, designed to reduce waste and keep products in use and out of landfills,” Vans shared in a press release.

Vans further broke down its plans to achieve its sustainability vision by 2030, explaining that 100% of the company’s top products will be regenerative, responsibly sourced and renewable. These materials include rubber, cotton, leather and polyester. To do this, Vans will work to reduce the average impact of the top materials, utilize 50% recycled polyester by 2025 and source 100% sustainably grown cotton by 2025.

Furthermore, Vans will reduce its carbon footprint by 30%. The brand aims to accomplish this by “piloting and scaling regenerative agriculture practices and ranches,” according to the press release as well as by “exploring bio-based alternatives.”

The footwear giant shared it will also be “converting polyester used in our footwear, apparel and accessories to recycled sources.”

Vans will also be eliminating all single-use of plastic packaging. This means, there will be no plastic shopping bags in Vans retail stores by the end of this year.

The company is also working to implement the use of 100% renewable energy at its facilities by the end of 2025. The work on this has already started as Vans began installing solar panels at its headquarters in 2017.

Speaking on why these goals are so important, Kim Matsoukas, Senior Manager of Sustainability at Vans, said the company wants to “protect the environment for future generations.”

“Enabling creative expression is central to Vans. As a purpose-driven company that is engrained in youth culture, we are leveraging our commitment creativity to seek new solutions that reimagine the lifecycle of our products and protect the environment for future generations.”

“While there’s more work for us to do, through our Vans family, partnerships with PUR Project, Terra Genesis, and other leading environmental organizations, we’re proud to accomplish these goals by 2030 as we look to create a brighter future for our environment, our communities, and our planet.”

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