What Shaq Eats in a Day

Shaquille O’Neal’s height is 7’1, he has a size 22 shoe and a big appetite to go with it.

According to the former NBA star, he is a creature of habit and is currently in “supermodel phase,” so he’s eating fairly healthy. Why has Shaq kicked his diet into health mode, you ask? It’s his upcoming 50th birthday in March next year that is keeping him on track.

He told FN, “On my 50th birthday, I will be going topless on my Instagram. I have a four-pack but I can never get to the five or six-pack so I’m going to go past the four-pack and get a six and eight-pack on my 50th birthday. I’m going topless, baby oil, lotion.”

Here’s what O’Neal eats in one day:

“So I get up, do an hour of cardio, and then eat breakfast. I had a shake, some fruit — that was meal one,” he said.

He recently told Men’s Health that his smoothies consist of protein, blueberries, bananas and peanut butter. He also added that he eats four scrambled eggs and two pieces of turkey sausage for breakfast.

“Meal two, I did two Big Chicken sandwiches.”

Shaq is no stranger to the food business. He is currently a majority owner of the Big Chicken fast-casual restaurant chain, alongside Authentic Brands Groups, where he is also an investor. (Big Chicken has locations in Las Vegas, Glendale, Calif., inside Climate Pledge arena in Seattle and on Carnival Cruise lines, among others.)

His order consists of two M.D.E crispy chicken sandwiches. “I eat the same thing every time. I have two M.D.Es with cheese and mayo on both sides, and two pickles, fries and the new Pepsi pineapple soda that Pepsi created for me.”

He continued, “Now, I have to go back to being healthy. For dinner, I will have salad and some fish. When I’m in healthy mode it’s chicken and fish. I like to work two months on and then one month off [from eating healthy]. When I’m off, I eat whatever, burger, fries.”

Watch the full interview.

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