Kobe Bryant’s $89,000 Signed Air Jordan Sneakers Will Go Live for IPO Shares on His Birthday

Kobe Bryant’s 1-of-2 Air Jordans are going live for IPO shares today on his birthday, Aug. 23.

The late legendary basketball player’s French Blue Air Jordan 12 Retro sneakers, currently valued at $89,000, are being auctioned for IPO by Collectable. The platform creates affordable stock shares in sports memorabilia, making them more accessible for fans to invest in. Bryant’s unique sneakers, one of two pairs ever worn by him, will become available for fans to purchase $10 shares, starting at 2:30 p.m. ET.

Bryant’s Jordans are an iconic merge of two of the greatest basketball players of all time – himself and his mentor, Michael Jordan. Bryant wore the Air Jordan 12 sneakers, which he signed on both sides, to play a Lakers vs. Boston Celtics game in December 2003. The pair features white leather high-top uppers with flared stitching, as well as blue leather side panels signed by Bryant in silver paint pen.

Whether you’re an avid sports fan or sneakerhead, these shoes have an undeniable presence in the basketball world. Prior to his death in 2020, Bryant was a champion basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers as an 18-time All-Star player — as well as the leading scorer for the Lakers of all time. He also earned the team five National Basketball Association (NBA) championships throughout his 20 year-long career.

You can buy $10 shares towards Bryant’s French Blue Air Jordan 12 sneakers at 2:30 p.m. ET today, on Collectable.com.

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