Jimmy Fallon Tests Out Nike’s Go FlyEase and Proves It’s Completely Hands Free

Jimmy Fallon just put Nike’s Go FlyEase to the test.

On Monday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the late night show host tried on the brand’s newest sneaker, proving the footwear, which is equipped with a kickstand, is truly hands-free.

To do so, Fallon opened the box with his feet to find both shoes sitting upright for easy access. Next, he slid his foot into one pair, with the camera zooming in to show the sneaker snapping into place.

“Look at this… that’s it. These are awesome. These are so comfy,” Fallon said before jumping around. He then demonstrated how to take the shoes off by using the built-in kickstand to snap them open.


“Isn’t that crazy? I love it. Look at the technology,” Fallon said. “Nike when they do things… they just do it. They do it with love and care and they’re thinking about other people and how to make people’s lives easier. They have a heart and a soul.”

Before trying on the sneaker, Fallon shared that he had pitched a hands-free sneaker to the sportswear giant in 2019 because he was tired of tying his shoes and wondered if the concept could help athletes with disabilities. He then revealed he was able to present the idea to Nike in a meeting only to learn that they had already been working on the FlyEase for 10 years.

Nike, Go FlyEase, Hands-Free Sneaker
Nike Go FlyEase.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike


Although the shoe was long in the making, Nike paid tribute to Fallon’s idea by adorning his Go FlyEase box with drawings of the sneaker he pitched, which he called the “StepLock.”

In the box was a note that read, “Jimmy, this is one of the world’s first pairs of Nike Go FlyEase. Look familiar? Sorry we beat you to the punch. Can’t wait to see you step in and go wherever laughter and joy await you.”

Nike unveiled the FlyEase to the world on Monday, sharing that the shoe is equipped with a number of innovative features, including a Bi-stable Hinge, which keeps the shoe securely open when putting on and taking off. It also keeps the shoe closed when in use.

The FlyEase also includes a Kickstand Heel, which the brand said: “mimics the action many intuitively perform to kick off their shoes, but by design and without compromising the heel.” Essentially, shoppers won’t have to worry about damaging the back of their sneakers. Additionally, the shoe is also equipped with a “Diving Board,” that “maintains a continuous foot-bed for comfort and stability.” The shoe is then completed with the Tensioner, which is the band that holds the shoe open and closed. The Tensioner also snaps the shoe into position.

In addition to providing convenience, the FlyEase can solve problems for the elderly, the disabled as well as those suffering from chronic pain and illness. Like other adaptive footwear, the new Nike shoe keeps a person from having to bend down to put on their shoes or tie their laces. The FlyEase also provides comfort and security.

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