Asics’ New Metaspeed Sky and Metaspeed Edge Are Made for an Athlete’s Own Unique Running Style

Asics has changed the game for runners.

This week, the footwear brand announced the launch of two high-performance running shoes: the Metaspeed Sky and the Metaspeed Edge. Asics stated that the looks “take the power of human-centric design to the next level.”

How you ask? The new models have been designed with a distinct type of running style in mind. The racing shows allow elite athletes to “reach the top of their game” because they don’t have to adjust their running styles to fit the shoe. The new Asics shoes support their own “unique running styles.”

When it comes to the Metaspeed Sky, the silhouette allows stride runners runners to move faster by extending their stride length. This is done through an energetic midsole foam and propulsive carbon plate. With the shoes, runners will be able to conserve more energy while maintaining a good pace.



As for the Metaspeed Edge, this sneaker was designed with cadence-type runners in mind. In these shoes, runners will experience a fast underfoot feel due to the energetic midsole foam and propulsive plate  — as also found Metaspeed Sky.

Of the Metaspeed shoes, Kenichi Harano executive officer and senior GM at Asics, said: “The Metaspeed journey began with the simple insight that athletes run faster in shoes that are specially tailored for them.”

He continued, “From here we got to work. Following a length, meticulous research and development process, the Metaspeed Sky model and the Metaspeed Edge models were born. Optimized for the two most prevalent running styles in elite runners, they are both at the very pinnacle of running innovation. Our initial tests are already showing them to have an impact on the times of the elite runners’ we’ve working with. That’s why we’re so excited to be unveiling them to the world today.”

The Metaspeed Sky model will be available at Asics.com on March 31 and the Metaspeed Edge will be available starting on June 4. Both shoes will come with a $250 price tag.

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