Why Men’s Slippers Will Still Be the ‘It’ Shoe For Fall 2021

Stay-at-home fashion is now officially high fashion.

Menswear kicked off its fall 2021 season with a round of fashion week (mostly virtual) campaigns, presentations and shows. For this season, a handful of brands tapped into comfort-driven features. The creative decision appropriately reflects how collective society continues to weather the spread of the pandemic. Both Dries Van Noten and Fendi incorporated fuzzy socks into their collections, while JW Anderson’s campaign featured its signature chainlink slip-ons for footwear.

jw anderson, fall 2021 men's, slippers
JW Anderson chainlink slides featured for fall ’21 men’s.

Designers got creative with comfort this season with slippers, slides and scuffs. In addition to JW Anderson, Fendi and Alyx incorporated the backless shoe into their designs.

In a time where many are staying at home, slip-on shoes have become a popular item in people’s wardrobes, even when it comes to the luxury consumer.

alyx, fall 21 mens, mens fashion week slippers
Alyx’s fall ’21 men’s campaign featured scuffs.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Alyx

Matthew Williams’ Alyx incorporated scuff slippers with sturdy rubber bottoms. The utilitarian shoe combines both comfort and durability, no doubt creating the potential for the scuff slipper to be a street style staple. Stars such as Joe Jonas and TikTok influencer Bryce Hall have already been seen out and about sporting Ugg’s scuff slipper for men. High fashion could likely catapult the comfort category into new heights in the seasons to come.

Even if the pandemic wanes later this year, designers are betting that consumers will still want to reach for comfortable clothing and shoes. For fall ’21 men’s, Fendi reimagined what the dress shoe could look like. The luxury Italian fashion house casted several models down the runway in a backless leather. shoe.

fendi, fendi men's '21, fall '21 men's
Fendi fall ’21 men’s show made a case for leather backless shoes.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Fendi
fendi, fall 2021 men's fashion week, slipppers
A closer look at Fendi’s backless leather shoes for fall ’21 men’s.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Fendi

Shoe companies already are thinking about how footwear can be more comfort-driven. Collapsable backs or no backs at all are anticipated to be a footwear feature that several brands adapt to as we continue to live life under lockdown.

Shoes with big toe boxes paired with cozy socks were also seen during fall ’21 men’s. Both Fendi and Dries Van Noten featured scrunchy yet soft tube socks for their latest presentations.

Dries van noten fall '21 men's, dries van noten men's, men's fashion week
Fuzzy socks and puffy loafers for Dries Van Noten fall ’21 men’s.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten’s puffy leather loafers resemble a high-end moccasin that can be worn at home, on the streets or at the office. The rubber bottomed shoe makes the slipper functional, while the exaggerated upper gives it a sense of style without sacrificing comfort. While the square toe still popped up on runways for the upcoming season, round toes with big toe boxes are beginning to cycle their way through.

Sneakers have already become a staple in the high fashion world and as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, scuffs, slippers and slides may have their big moment next.

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