Creative Director Gherardo Felloni Sings His Own Song in Roger Vivier’s PFW Spring ’22 Musical Short Film

What can’t Gherardo Felloni do?

The Roger Vivier creative director released his spring ’22 musical short film, “Flooded,” on Thursday at Paris Fashion Week. The spot, inspired by a ’90s music video, features a theme song called “Floodland” — which was both composed and sung by the creative director, who spent six years studying opera. (The designer also formed an imaginary band for the occasion, called the Wuthering Cats.)

The film, directed by Andrea Danese, follows a lonely, young boy who finds a Roger Vivier box with his mother’s memories — and discovers a whole new world in the process when the “Floodland” song begins. At the end of the film, Isabella Rossellini makes an appearance, encouraging the boy to be himself and follow his dreams. Anna Cleveland also stars in the film.

Why was the idea of a flood the central theme? “We were in the pandemic, and it’s a metaphor for water that takes you down, and you have to jump and go outside,” he said. But for Felloni, the meaning behind the film is personal too. “For me, when I was young, I was alone, I was in the countryside. The iconic things — fashion, cinema, music — helped me evolve my fantasy and escape. Let’s keep dreaming.”

isabella rossellini, roger vivier, flooded, spring 2022
Isabella Rossellini, in Roger Vivier’s “Flooded” film, wearing a spring ’22 gladiator.

Felloni has always been a dreamer, and for spring ’22, he gave the Roger Vivier buckle treatment to the on-trend platform.

Another highlight is the new cube strass cube heel, a new take on an iconic house design. “Roger Vivier, in the ’40s, made the shoes for Marlene Dietrich with a strass ball. So it’s linked to the maison, but it’s completely new.”

The designer summed up the heels in the collection as “joyful.” “We have to communicate happiness,” he said. While Felloni is more known for his flats and kitten heels, he understands that the newness of a high heel is key for spring ’22 as women return to parties and events. “For me, it’s always about freedom of women. We didn’t have a high heel, so I said, ‘Let’s do it.'”

The new Vivier strass heel
CREDIT: studio paura

Outside of the footwear, Felloni offered up new takes on the buckled Viv’ Choc bag, and a larger jewelry collection.

As he looks ahead to a post-pandemic world, the designer said digital projects will remain a huge focus — and is part of his mission to stay focused on the future. For example, the film allowed him to work with a number of rising young talents, he said.

“You can’t go back. I think it’s grotesque to turn back and do what you’re doing before,” Felloni said. “We have to be better, not to go back and do the same mistakes.”

The designer unveiled new colors for the Viv’ Choc bag.
CREDIT: studio paura

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