Celeb Stylist Dani Michelle on Her New DSW Collab & Favorite Trends for Fall

In need of a footwear revamp for fall? DSW and Dani Michelle are here to help.

The renowned retailer and beloved celebrity stylist joined forces for an exclusive capsule collection just in time for cooler weather, debuting the project yesterday during New York Fashion Week. Michelle is best known for her top-of-the-line outfit creations and sartorial choices, as seen on the likes of Kendall Jenner, Kristin Cavallari, Kourtney Kardashian and more major stars.

dani michelle, dsw, stylist, shoes
Dani Michelle launches her DSW collection with a lunch during New York Fashion Week, Sept. 8.
CREDIT: Courtesy of DSW

dani michelle, dsw, stylist, shoes
Dani Michelle launches her DSW collection with a lunch during New York Fashion Week, Sept. 8.
CREDIT: Courtesy of DSW

The Dani Michelle x DSW collection offers a timeless yet affordable selection of boots, heels, sandals and more as curated by the sought-after stylist herself. You’ll find everything for under $200, too — think Jessica Simpson booties, Mix No. 6 pumps and New Balance sneakers. Fans can shop Michelle’s picks in a series of drops at DSW.com.

Putting her choices on display at the Public Hotel in New York yesterday, Michelle sat down with FN to talk all things shoes, top trends and her DSW collection.

How did this collaboration come about with DSW?

Dani Michelle: My grandfather’s friend was part of DSW’s ownership and when my agency talked about this collaboration, I just felt like it was something that hit close to my heart. It was also something that I really wanted to do because I feel like DSW has such a range of accessibility and so many different styles under one roof. They’re the biggest retailer in the country so when I figured we could do something that would be able to reach out my style to more people, I thought it was a great opportunity.

Tell me about the collection, what can we expect to see in the capsules?

DM: So we pulled a lot of different trends for a fall. We did a lug style, a kind of embellished, spark-joy type of shoe —something that really just kind of adds a moment to an outfit — as well as a sneaker and neutrals. We thought those were the biggest trends for fall and had to be incorporated into your regular look to elevate it and make it feel trendy for this season. So I went through their massive platform and I pulled dozens of styles and I think they’re going to do slow releases each time of the shoes that I highlighted.

When you’re styling a look, what comes first — shoes or clothes?

Well, it’s funny we do clothes first and the accessories are kind of that finishing touch. But I think that what’s so important about accessories is that you can have a minimal outfit, but then add the right accessories and it takes it in any direction that you need to go. The accessories I feel like are really what speaks to what you’re trend going for or what you really want to express. And they are some things that make outfits just feel really updated for the season.

What major footwear trends do you expect to see for fall ’21?

DM: So a big thing that we love are our boots, whether it’s like a big flat lug boot or something with a smaller heel, a big heel or a platform, I just feel like it’s going to be a boots season for fall. We’ve done everything from ankle boots to right under the knee and I’m just really excited. They just add an extra level of confidence to the look.

The trends of the 1990s, are they here to stay or are we seeing the last of the revitalization?

DM: Obviously, we saw the ’90s hit fashion trends last season and now I actually find it more to be the early 2000s. When we all look back, we were like, what we’re hearing, these hodgepodge looks, but it feels like that hodgepodge type of fashion is back. So yeah, I feel like it’s more early 2000s than the ’90s right now.

What footwear trends are you loving right now?

DM: The square toe is my favorite. It’s been everywhere in three years. I love square toe and honesty I love a wedge. I feel like wedges haven’t been well received but I see them in a different light — Amina [Muaddi] just came out with the clear ones, Gia Borghini has these black ones that have a wedge inside of it but like a partial wedge; I think that they’re so cool. I’m waiting for other people to be wearing them, I don’t know why we’re all sleeping on it, but I love the wedges! And I mean, I always love a wrap ankle, I feel like it’s sexy and also strong. So those are kind of my favs right now.

Is there any unexpected shoe trend that you think is going to blow up soon?

DM: Mary Janes, I love Mary Janes so much, I think they’re the cutest shoe and you can do it with a sock or just expose your actual foot. But it’s funny because they’re feminine and girly, but they’re also punk in a way and I just love that juxtaposition.

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