The Hiltons Sound Off on Risky Shoes, Bieber’s Hotel Slipper Trend and Yeezys From Kim & Kanye’s Baby Shower

What happens when Kathy, Paris and Nicky Hilton play FN’s shoe game?

The ladies spill all their footwear secrets in a series of revelations about Kathy’s obsession with hotel slippers, the wedding shoe idea Paris plans to steal from Nicky and the shoes they will never part with. Kathy also shares a hilarious story about Yeezy shoes from Kim and Kanye’s baby shower.

Read on for more, Watch the video here and read our full cover story with the Hiltons. Go inside Kathy’s closet in our exclusive video here.

Favorite pair of shoes as a kid?

Paris: The little jelly shoes. Is that what they’re called? Jellyfish shoes? Remember those?

Nicky: Jelly shoes. My kids wear them. They never went out — you just grew up.

Shoes you wore in high school?

Nicky: My favorite pair of shoes were my French Sole ballet flats. I went to a very strict all-girls Catholic school on the Upper East Side where we had uniforms, no makeup, no nail polish. All we had to choose were our shoes. And I just fell in love with the shoes back then.

Paris: My favorite pair of shoes in high school were these black Prada high heels. I loved them.

Favorite pair living in your closet right now?

Kathy: Probably my Aquazzura evening shoes with the star and the moon [in crystals].

What shoes have you had the longest?

Kathy: I would never give up my pink and yellow pairs of the silk print Manolo Blahnik pumps [from the ’90s].

What pair do you travel in?

Kathy: My Rothys or my Yeezys or my hotel slippers — I love hotel slippers. Nicky said, ‘Mom, you are just like Justin Bieber.’ I didn’t even know that he wore slippers.

Shoes you’ll never get rid of? 

Nicky: My wedding shoes: White, satin, by Christian Louboutin — custom, with my new married name and my wedding date. That was fun going to his showroom in Paris.

Paris: I should do that for my wedding.

Nicky: Why are you copying me?

Paris: Because they’re sick and I love Loubs.

What is the most outrageous pair of shoes you own?

NIcky: Paris, remember those Jimmy Choo light-up raver shoes you had?

Paris: Those were sick. I didn’t wear them.

Nicky: The battery ran out before you could wear them.

The riskiest shoe you’ve ever worn?

Nicky: The Christian Louboutin Pigalle is the sexiest and the most uncomfortable shoe I own.

What sneakers do you like to wear?

Kathy: My Yeezys, because they are so comfortable. The funniest [thing happened] at Kim and Kanye’s shower. They said ‘Can you take your shoes off? You get to pick something.’ I said I’ll take these. They said, ‘Oh no.’ Everybody at the party had to take their shoes off. Everybody inside had them on. They’re very comfortable. But they’re not gorgeous.

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