Adidas Has a New Eco-Friendly Stan Smith Shoe on the Way — Made With Mushrooms

As Adidas continues to make strides in sustainability, the company is set deliver one of its most iconic shoes with an eco-friendly update.

Today, the sportswear powerhouse revealed more steps in its End Plastic Waste effort, which includes several sustainable material innovations. One such innovation found Adidas looking to the underground roots of mushrooms: Mylo.

Adidas explained that Mylo is made with renewable mycelium, which takes less than two weeks to grow and uses a vertical agriculture technique that allows it to be grown in a lab environment that increases the yield per square foot. The brand described Mylo as soft, supple and strong, and stated it can take on any color, finish or emboss.

The material innovation will made its debut on the Adidas Stan Smith Mylo, which the brand stated was brought to life with the help of longtime partner Bolt Threads, a biotechnology company that works to create to creating advanced materials. On its website, Bolt Threads further explained that Mylo is certified bio-based, which means it’s made predominantly from renewable ingredients found in nature, and described the material as “a sustainable alternative to leather.”

In a statement, Adidas said that it chose the Stan Smith to debut its use of Mylo because of its credibility “as one of Adidas’ most iconic and sustainable footwear franchises.”

Although Adidas revealed the Stan Smith Mylo today, the company did not offer release information.

Adidas Stan Smith Mylo
Adidas Stan Smith Mylo.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Adidas

Additionally, Adidas said it will embark on new missions with Parley for the Oceans in the next few months that will bolster the efforts to protect the earth’s water systems. These will include the unveiling of two new Parley prototypes: one with a midsole made in part with recycled post-production Boost material, and the second with uppers featuring wood waste that will sit atop another Boost midsole concept made partially with plant-based feedstocks.

Also, the Three Stripes will further reveal “Made to be remade,” which is a product that is made to be worn, returned to Adidas, ground up and then remade into something new. This will start with the release of the Ultraboost DNA Made to Be Remade, which is constructed with 100% TPU. This will be revealed on Earth Day (April 22).

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