New SneakerKit Launch Makes Try-On Technology Accessible From Any E-Commerce Website

Augmented reality tools for e-commerce will now be more readily available, for both retailers and consumers, with the launch of Vyking’s SneakerKit for Web. Previously accessible only through dedicated smartphone apps, this new launch makes it possible to virtually try on shoes within the website browser, so that consumers can gain confidence to purchase.

Vyking’s SneakerKit technology is designed specifically for footwear and is able to map a pair of shoes directly onto the customer’s feet. By engaging with this augmented reality, users can test how a style might look when worn and even as part of a particular outfit. With many stores operating under restricted opening hours – or not at all – this kind of technology can help shoppers get as close to the product as possible.

“With the coronavirus pandemic being a catalyst for the adoption of augmented reality in the online shopping experience, virtual try-on is completely reimagining the way consumers shop for shoes online – we are so excited to open up our core technology to brands of any size with SneakerKit for Web,” shares Vyking CEO and co-founder, Matthew Klimpke.

Most AR experiences have required the consumer to download a smartphone app, in order to participate. As these may be for one-off use, this can be seen as a waste of phone memory and not worth the download. It also requires the brand or retailer to operate the app indefinitely, in addition to any existing e-commerce channels; for smaller companies or those new to digital selling, this barrier to entry may be too high.

Through the SneakerKit for Web, Vyking is able to democratize this access to AR. The program can be embedded directly into a website, so that any retailer with a standalone e-commerce shop can provide the solution. For consumers, this also means they can engage with the AR immediately, without the need to download an app first. This increases the likelihood that they will interact with the technology – and convert.

The AR function is available to all users with the Adidas iOS mobile app.
The AR function is available to all users with the Adidas iOS mobile app.
CREDIT: Vyking

Merchants that have deployed an augmented reality solution have also reported that it can reduce the number of returns, in addition to increasing original sales. This is because the AR experience can more accurately convey what a product might look like, lessening the chance that a consumer will be unpleasantly surprised when their order arrives. Reverse logistics are a very costly part of the retail journey, so this investment can both save and earn money.

Existing users of AR try-on technology include Adidas, Poizon and Under Armour. Through this new launch, Vyking is hoping to expand the pool of users to small and medium-sized businesses.

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