Telfar, Jeremy Scott and Other Brands and Designers Are Driving Search Trends on StockX

Secondary market platform StockX is a place people visit to pick up sneakers and more from the hottest names and designers. Its latest “Big Facts” report shed light on what consumers have sought out the most.

In the “Big Facts: People and Brands to Watch” report, StockX revealed the year-over-year search spikes on its app, from October 2020 to October 2021. The brand with the largest spike was Telfar, which was up 1,050% for the period, and the person leading search spikes was Jeremy Scott, who was up 720%.

Other brands that experienced large spikes for the period include Ambush (980%), Rick Owens (520%), Clot (350%), Parra (180%), New Balance (100%), Sacai (100%), Drew House (90%), Chrome Hearts (80%) and Ugg (80%).

People with large search spikes include Playboi Carti (550%), Daniel Arsham (200%), Salehe Bembury (160%), JJJJound (110%) and Kanye West (90%).

The report also revealed footwear search spikes, most notably concerning the Nike Dunk, with was up 850% year-over-year. What’s more, searches for “Dunk Green” were up 630% for the period, “Off-White Dunks” was up 310%, “Dunk Red” was up 240% and “Supreme Dunk” was up 150%.

StockX also revealed the word “Panda” was searched more than 8,500 times on the app in October 2021, and went further to state that more than 20,000 pairs of the Nike Dunk “Panda” released in May 2021 have been traded on the platform. The sneaker was released in men’s, women’s and youth sizing.

The Yeezy Foam Runner also saw exceptional growth in search volume. StockX said it was the No. 1,143 most popular search in October 2020, and a year later was No. 68. The search for “Foam Runner,” according to StockX, increased 1,750% year-over-year.

Its “Big Facts” report isn’t the only news StockX announced today. This morning, the company revealed it has acquired power seller tool developer Scout.

According to a statement, StockX said Scout — which serves more than 10,000 sneaker resellers globally — will help its customers accelerate their businesses and ramp up inventory with best-in-class automation, inventory management, tracking and integration with marketplaces. Scout will be provided for free to qualifying sellers, and all sellers who are currently using Scout will have access to the service and its features free of charge.

“StockX is fiercely committed to unlocking economic opportunity for our global community and this acquisition is one of many investments we’re making to ensure we deliver on that promise,” StockX CEO Scott Cutler said in a statement. “With the addition of this new technology, we’ll help our customers accelerate their businesses like never before.”

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