StockX Reveals a New Company Logo as Part of a Broader Refreshed Brand Design

StockX is in the midst of a brand refresh, and the first step a new company logo.

The “stock market of things” revealed its new logo today, which it said is part of a refreshed brand design that will be illustrative of its “record-breaking growth over the last year and increasing business momentum in 2021.”

“Our updated brand expression showcases how we’re moving into a stage of modernization and punctuates our evolution into a more mature, more confident and more inclusive StockX. We’re not anchored to a single audience or product category — instead we sit squarely at the epicenter of current culture and our refreshed identity is reflective of that positioning,” StockX CMO Deena Bahri told FN.

The focus of the new logo is a refreshed take on the “X” that has long been associated with the company. StockX said the refreshed design elements “better align with the maturity, modernization and expansion of the brand.”

To achieve this, StockX removed the arrow, which it stated symbolizes its move into a modernization and expansion stage.

The new StockX logo.
CREDIT: Courtesy of StockX

Beyond the arrow, StockX said the “X” has been brought into balance, and when someone looks at the negative space on the left and right, they will see two arrows pointing toward the center. The company said this is a nod to “buyers and sellers coming together on a level playing field.” Lastly, making the logo wider and the “more symbolic view” of the “X” was meant to reveal an abstract percentage sign, which is a reference to the StockX financial market inspiration.

The latest announcement comes on the heels of a major announcement for StockX. On April 8, the company revealed that with the conclusion of a $195 million secondary tender offering and an additional $60 million in Series E-1 primary shares, it now has a $3.8 billion valuation. This took just five years after its launch — which took place in February 2016 — to achieve.

Another look at the refreshed StockX logo.
CREDIT: Courtesy of StockX

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