Stadium Goods Taps Artist Erin D. Garcia for a Paradise-Inspired Premium Apparel Range

Stadium Goods has delivered a limited-edition collaborative apparel collection with Los Angeles-based artist Erin D. Garcia through its premium imprint, dubbed Stadium.

The range, titled “Paraiso: Above the Clouds,” consists of 13 pieces that Stadium Goods explained was created to lead people on a journey to find their own paradise and “find an escape from a weary world.” “Paraiso” has the look and feel of a tropical paradise, replete with fruit, flora and cool breezes.

“In 2018, I showed my first still life pieces. Half the show was abstract gradient work, and the other half was still lifes. And I really struggled to get all the still lifes done in a way that I felt that they were strong enough to show everybody,” Garcia said in an interview published via Stadium Goods. “And so, ever since then, I’ve just been going back to the idea to figure out like, ‘OK, how do you do this?’ If you paint a flower then what do the leaves look like? And then if that’s how the leaves look, then what do the stems look like? If you paint a vase, what would a vase look like? So it’s just this kind of game where you get to keep chasing it down. You’re chasing the world that you’re creating.”

He continued, “At the beginning of ‘Paraiso,’ I was already in a phase of digging further into all this objective work. I wanted the collection to reflect what I was working on in the same way. I wasn’t approaching it like, ‘Oh I’m going to do some T-shirt designs.’ I was thinking of it as a body of work. I’m going to put the same attention to detail, the same research, as if it were a solo show — I’m just going to treat it exactly the same.”

Stadium Goods Erin D. Garcia Paraiso Lemon Track Bottom Lemon Track Jacket
Stadium x Erin D. Garcia Paraiso Lemon Track Bottom and Lemon Track Jacket.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Stadium Goods

The collection features apparel, outwear and accessories including jackets, T-shirts, shorts and a towel, with prices ranging from $65 to $400. It is available now via Stadiumgoods.com.

Some of the highlights of the range are the Paraiso Satin Jacket ($400), a button-up look with artwork on both the front and inside; the Oranges Hoodie ($180), featuring an all-over print and kangaroo pouch; and the Lemon Track Bottom ($140), which are made with a lightweight nylon twill material that match the Lemon Track Jacket ($95).

Stadium Goods Erin D. Garcia Paraiso Satin Jacket
Stadium x Erin D. Garcia Paraiso Satin Jacket.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Stadium Goods

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