Sportie LA’s Isack Fadlon Has a New Brand — And Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Is a Fan

Sportie LA founder Isack Fadlon is expanding his portfolio. Today, he announced the launch of his new brand, Kosher.

The label, which is making its debut with a collection of hats and t-shirts, represents unity.

“Beyond the perception of ‘kosher’ as it pertains to dietary observances, it is widely used as a symbol of all things fair and equitable,” Fadlon said. “Of course, equity means different things to different people, but what we all hopefully share is the desire to lead a kind, decent, compassionate life. The sincerity of that wish is our common ground.”

Kosher, Isack Fadlon
Sportie LA and Kosher founder Isack Fadlon.
CREDIT: Courtesy image

The message can be seen through additional campaigns and “Keep It Kosher” initiatives. For instance, a portion of its proceeds will go to leading organizations combating hate and extremism. Plus, it will support public education, a mission in which Fadlon has been championing for years, included its annual Teacher Appreciation Week campaign to gift educators and staff with shoes and sneakers, courtesy of footwear brands.

To further expand Kosher’s message of solidarity, a billboard can be seen in Los Angeles with the word “Kosher” in 15 different languages, such as Russian, Bengali, Hebrew, French, Arabic and more.

“The pandemic presented an opportunity to take a deep breath and reflect on how we want to carry ourselves going forward. It was one of those moments that allowed the idea to flourish,” Fadlon told FN about the brand launch. “With so much chaos and different emotions surrounding us, this actually evolved into the perfect moment to send a message about unity, fairness, and decency. Our labels say, ‘Wear kindly,’ and that’s definitely a sentiment that’s particularly salient in these times.”

In 2020, L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti previewed the label (pre-pandemic) during a visit to Fadlon’s Sportie LA outpost on Melrose Ave. Fadlon said Garcetti is a frequent visitor and admired Kosher’s message.

Kosher, LA Mayor Garcetti
L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti sporting a Kosher hat with Rozet Shabtai, Fadlon’s sister and Sportie LA team member.
CREDIT: Courtesy image

The hats start at $30 and include multiple colorways with the “Kosher” logo emblazoned on the front of the caps. The tees, meanwhile, are available for pre-order and retail for $32 online now. Next up, Fadlon plans to add sweatshirts and sweatpants into the product assortment as well collaborations.

Sportie LA opened its first store, at 7753 Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood, in late 1985. The retailer, a favorite among sneaker collectors, eventually owned as many as six stores, though some have since closed, and an e-commerce site.

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