Nike and Megan Rapinoe’s Reimagined Partnership Aims to ‘Create a Legacy Through Sport and Beyond’

The relationship between Nike and soccer star Megan Rapinoe now has a new look.

The athletic giant has labeled what it is doing with Rapinoe as a first-of-its-kind partnership, and said it is “reimagining the signature athlete partnership model” with her “to create a legacy through sport and beyond.” This partnership includes the reveal of a Nike x Megan logo for the launch of her curated collection, which was revealed today on Nike’s social channels and via Nike.com.

Rapinoe’s “Victory Redefined” logo, according to Nike, represents community, forward movement and a push for progress, and is inspired by her “ambition to redefine what victory means for all communities and all people.” In terms of design, the brand described “Victory Redefined” as a “visual representation of connection and aspiration.”

The assortment features some of Rapinoe’s favorite Nike items from its fall/holiday ’21 line, which focuses on her lifestyle needs including comfortable fleece, protective outerwear for winter and more. Nike confirmed the selections will also be social commerce enabled, and that Rapinoe’s followers can shop them off of her posts.

Breaking down the partnership further, Nike said it has reimagined the signature athlete model with Rapinoe into something more meaningful, could potentially be “a lightning rod for change in sport” and that this journey “signals a major shift” in how the company will partner with athletes.

“When I spoke with Nike about the next chapter in our relationship, what excited us most was building something new,” Rapinoe said in a statement. “Not a new product. Not a new campaign. But a new model for athlete partnerships.”

She continued, “This is not about me and Nike, it’s about what Nike and I can do together … to redefine what victory means for all communities and all people.”

Looking ahead, Nike said apparel with Rapinoe’s logo will be available in fall ’22, and a co-created collection with Nike designers is scheduled to drop in 2023.

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