Twitter Erupts Over ‘Last Day of Business’ for Kmart’s Astor Place NY Location

After 25 years, Kmart’s Astor Place location in New York City is no more, according to signage at the store shared by social media users.

A frenzy on Twitter erupted over the weekend when customers took to the platform, sharing a sign on the window of the store, which read: “Last Day of Business Today, Sunday July 11th.”

Other signs around the store read: “Total Inventory Blowout. Last Day of Business.”

Kmart did not immediately respond to FN’s request for comment.

The company has been steadily shuttering locations since its parent company, Sears Holdings Corp., filed for bankruptcy in 2018. Former chairman and CEO Edward Lampert managed to save the two retailers from complete liquidation, through his hedge fund, ESL Investments Inc. However, 2021 has brought a spate of new closings, according to reports.

Some shoppers on social media expressed disappointment at the possible loss of the big-box retailer.

“Huge loss for the downtown arts community and any artist shopping for a last-minute prop for under $10. RIP Astor Place Kmart. Why did you smell so strongly of rubber,” one user wrote.

“Rip to the Astor Place Kmart, where JoJo once posed in front of a J-14 cover that featured the Johnny Depp quote, ‘I’m scared of boogers,'” reporter Matt Jacobs tweeted.

“Sad that the Astor Place Kmart is closing today. Truly one of the weirdest shopping experiences for reasons I could never quite put my finger on,” writer Jason Diamond expressed.

“Just heard that the Astor Place Kmart is closing today. Goodnight, sweet prince,” another tweet read.

“Rip Astor Place Kmart, y’all supplied all my clothes for my youth, and you made the best cherry slushies,” another shopper expressed.

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