Helping Families Spend Quality Time Outdoors

British footwear and apparel company, Joules is known for bringing to life its customers’ bright and colorful identities into products designed for a lifestyle spent outdoors. With a significant surge in families gravitating toward nature during COVID-19, shoppers are seeking out gear to meet evolving needs, but attention to style has never wavered. This is where Joules continues to shine, providing styles that enchant every member of the family.

“The past year has brought about a lot of change, and we’re finding both in our customers and our colleagues that there’s a newfound appreciation to connecting with the outdoors,” said Tom Joule, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Joules. “Nature has given us peace and calm through a very uncertain time, and I think that appreciation will only grow. A walk in the park or spending time in the garden has a new meaning now, and we’re doing our best to make sure that our product and assortment meet the needs of our customers.”

Joules’ iconic printed wellies are designed in Market Harborough, the charming market town in Great Britain where Joules is based. Their designers are experts in the field, experiencing over 150 days of rain a year and testing their rainboots to ensure they withstand every wet weather condition. Viv Hamill, Senior Garment Technician in the Footwear department at Joules compares the carefully crafted rainboot outsole to a car tire. “The tread pushes the water outwards and enables the sole surface to be in contact with the ground providing grip. The sharp edges of the sole cleats provide an edge to cut through the surface of the water and disperse.”

Joules SS22
Joules SS22 collection.
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Rooted in optimism

What sets Joules apart is its firm dedication to its authentic roots that is delicately woven into the designs. Joules’ print designers travel throughout the English countryside and seaside in search of inspiration, turning experiences into unique pieces of art. “Using these hand painted artworks in our collections allow us to stay deeply rooted in the company’s heritage,” said Florence Castillo, Interim General Manager of U.S. at Joules.

“Just like the season, there’s a great deal to look forward to in our new collection. There’s a real sense of optimism with brighter-than-ever prints and we open the door to exciting new styles while delivering those familiar pieces that our customers know and love,” explained Castillo.

True to their foundation, Joules’ “Right as Rain” collection brings reliable rainwear made for the outdoors in their ‘biggest and best-ever’ assortment for the season. The collection will also have an increased focus on sustainability, aligned with the company’s ongoing efforts. Currently over 85 percent of Joules products now contain at least one sustainable material – a number that Joules is eager to see continuously grow.

While today nearly everyone is an outdoor consumer in their own way, Joules is happy to share the same optimistic view that their consumer has. “Our customer finds joy in the simple things. Spending time with family and friends, a cup of tea in the garden or a good book on a rainy day,” said Ashley Lo, U.S. Marketing Manager. “They are the first to dance in the rain or jump into a muddy puddle with their children.”

Above all, Joules is a brand made for consumers to truly enjoy life outdoors by delivering quality and fun for families to enjoy time together and while doing so, embrace their love of nature.

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