DTLR Will Commemorate Juneteenth With Advocacy and Education

To mark the Juneteenth holiday, lifestyle retailer DTLR has partnered with local nonprofits and other community organizations to educate and bring awareness of the event in key cities where it operates stores.

In Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Philadelphia and Miami, DTLR is supporting certain celebrations surrounding Juneteenth. For example, in Atlanta, the company is sponsoring the NAACP’s annual Juneteenth parade. In Baltimore, DTLR is sponsoring a Juneteenth festival and installing a mural painted by former NFL player and activist Aaron Maybin on the side of its store on Monument Street.

Through social media and in stores, the retailer is also encouraging people to sign a petition that would make Juneteenth a nationally recognized holiday. The day commemorates the end of slavery: On June 19, 1865, in Texas, enslaved Black people were officially emancipated. Juneteenth is currently observed in 47 states.

DTLR is sponsoring a Youth Leaders of Hope/Freedom March in Philadelphia to make Juneteenth a national holiday. And in Chicago, the retailer is sponsoring the Roll N Peace Juneteenth bike tour to decrease violence and increase physical fitness.

“As a retailer with a community-first approach, we feel it is part of our mission to help educate the greater community about Juneteenth and support efforts to establish it as a national holiday, while also celebrating it through events with partners and nonprofits across the country,” said Tremayne Lipscomb, director of community outreach at DLTR, in a statement. “We hope that through our efforts and community outreach, we can help generate awareness of the holiday and its importance, and bring us closer to getting Juneteenth the recognition it deserves.”

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