Danielle Bernstein Leaves Macy’s to Take Control of Her Own Label

Danielle Bernstein is breaking up with Macy’s.

The fashion influencer and entrepreneur is moving her nameplate label online. Starting April 8, the affordable Danielle Bernstein brand, the designer’s first venture into the world of ready-to-wear, will be available exclusively on shopweworewhat.com, the fashion blog and e-commerce site Bernstein started.

The Danielle Bernstein collection, which launched in early 2020, could previously only be found in Macy’s stores and the retailer’s website. The designer said the decision to exit Macy’s Inc. had nothing to do with the department store. In fact, the Danielle Bernstein brand topped more than $13 million in revenues during its year at Macy’s. The mutually beneficial partnership also helped attract newer, younger customers to Macy’s: 58% of the consumers shopping the Bernstein brand were new to the department store. It comes as little surprise then that the retailer offered Bernstein another two-year contract to continue selling her collection exclusively at Macy’s.

But Bernstein said the brand was always intended to be at Macy’s for just one year.

“At the end of that year, we made the decision to bring the brand in-house with my current partners who handle my Shop We Wore What manufacturing, to bring two really bold brands under one roof,” Bernstein told WWD. “So it’ll be a cohesive shopping experience where you’ll be able to shop both brands separately, but also check out as one.

“Macy’s was an amazing launch partner,” she added. “I just felt like this was the right business decision for me to have more control, over quality control, and [offer] more of a direct line to my customers. I’m so thankful for what Macy’s has done to help me launch the Danielle Bernstein brand. That’s not to say that Macy’s won’t be a retail partner down the line.”

This story was reported by WWD and originally appeared on WWD.com. To read the full story, please go to WWD.com.

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