How Merchants Can Recreate Owned Personalized E-Commerce Experiences on Third-Party Channels

Consumers shopping online now expect a higher degree of personalization from their retail experiences, both when browsing an e-commerce website and when elsewhere on the internet. Social media has proved a valuable tool for brand and product discovery, but has commonly required a separate advertising management system – that can’t take advantage of customer data. Bluecore is aiming to change that, with the launch of Bluecore Advertise.

Current merchant users of the multi-channel marketing Bluecore platform have the ability to harness their consumer data to generate personalized experiences within their owned platforms. But this requires customers to first come to the brand website or app, which leaves the retailer to be reactive – rather than proactive. In today’s competitive landscape, merchants that wait for customers to come to them could be missing out on lucrative business.

“The online world has been feeding consumers curated experiences for years, from the product-specific recommendations of Netflix and Spotify to the thumb-stopping posts of Instagram and TikTok,” said Sarah Cascone, Senior Director of Marketing at Bluecore. “The fastest-growing brands meet these growing expectations by offering the same level of curation to thrive.”

Meanwhile, existing digital advertising on social platforms is commonly only personalized by segment, which can be inefficient and often even incorrect at the granular level. Alternatively, strategies rely on limited first-party data, such as previously bought products – which consumers are unlikely to want to purchase again.

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Marketing strategies should balance data analysis with human expertise, recommends Sidecar.”Targeting as it exists today through less-tailored marketing treats all shoppers the same,” said Cascone. “With Bluecore Advertise, retailers can expect to gain an improved understanding of their shoppers; know where the customer is in the browsing and purchasing cycle; what kind of shopper they are (regular, browser, loyal); and what products they want to see.”

While shoppers are flocking to their smartphones and social platforms at increasingly high rates, digital advertising must still be intelligently leveraged in order to see results. Advertising costs are at all-time high, making it critical for businesses to use each spend efficiently. For smaller companies in particular, being able to identify high opportunity channels – and take advantage of those opportunities – could have considerable impact on their bottom line.

By supporting marketing strategies with data collected from across the Bluecore network, there is the potential for retailers to improve their return on ad spend (RoAS); target their high-spend audience; and scale their media profitably.

“The first step for us was cracking the code on how retailers could use paid channels like their owned channels, and put their mass amounts of shopper and product data to work for them,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore. “Now we’re working toward an eventuality where we understand how individual shoppers buy on digital ad channels – and what they’re going to buy next – no matter where they are.”

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