Alife, a Mainstay in New York’s Lower East Side for 20 Years, Has Closed

New York City has lost another retail icon.

Alife GM Treis Hill revealed via Instagram that the longtime Alife Rivington Club retail destination, located at 158 Rivington Street, is closed after 20 years of shaping fashion and culture. Speaking with FN, Hill said the doors closed for the last time on April 1.

“Alife Rivington Club gave birth to this generation’s sneaker stores and streetwear world wide. There isn’t a person of influence in streetwear today that has not stepped foot in the shop,” Hill wrote on the social media platform. “It was more than just a retail store, it was a meeting ground for downtown’s youth, it played host to countless live concerts from Drake, Nas, John Mayer, King Krule. It raised a generation of creatives.”

He concluded his message saying, “Thank You to everyone that helped make it magic.”

Alife was founded by Rob Cristofaro and three others in 1999, and two years later, Alife Rivington Club opened. In 2005, Hill would join Cristofaro, who was the lone remaining founder.

Aside from offering its beloved Alife brand, alongside the best in footwear and apparel, the retailer became know for its Alife Sessions, a series of events that paired music, streetwear and more and helped foster a devoted community.

Although Alife is bidding farewell to Rivington Street, Hill told FN that this isn’t the end of retail for the company. “We are looking for the right space for us,” he said, “something that can live another 20 years.”

What the next retail experience will consist of, however, remains to be seen. “Rob and I are considering the next options for the brand at retail. In the meantime, we will continue to exist online,” Hill said.

Nas Alife
Rap legend Nas performing live at Alife.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Alife

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