Brian Atwood Will Launch a New Footwear Brand With His Brother Next Year

Footwear designer Brian Atwood is building a new business with his brother, Zak Rodriguez.

More than 20 years after launching his eponymous label, Atwood and Rodriguez are going full steam ahead on a new luxury shoe line made for a younger, Gen-Z consumer, according to a press release. Called “Il Fratellino” (Italian for “The Little Brother”), Atwood will act as creative advisor to the brand, which is expected to debut in spring 2022.

With this new brand, the brothers promise to offer “accessible luxury” with a focus on “adventurous, high-energy styles” that are responsible, sustainable and inclusive. “We both grew up in the same environment but in different eras,” explained Rodriguez in a statement. “Brian has a deep love of movies like ‘Xanadu’ whereas I grew up obsessed with the fashion of ‘Clueless’ and ‘Spice World.’ So people will find the same glamour they’d expect from Brian Atwood but through the lens of a new generation.”

Footwear designer Brian Atwood with his brother Zak Rodriguez launch Il Fratellino
Footwear designer Brian Atwood with his brother Zak Rodriguez
CREDIT: Harol Baez

Known for his sky-high silhouettes and high-end materials, Atwood has high hopes for the new venture. “So much has changed in the world since I launched Brian Atwood, and I think that fashion and the way we produce that fashion need to reflect that,” Atwood said in a statement. “It seems like the perfect time to nurture something truly innovative, and I couldn’t be happier to launch this new project with my little brother.”

Recently, the designer launched two capsule collaborations with Italian brand Scarosso, including his “Pink As F*ck” slipper benefiting breast cancer research. Il Fratellino represents Atwood’s first new brand launch in a decade.

“For us, it’s so exciting to be launching Il Fratellino — or Il Frat as we call it — for a new generation of women who are confident and own their aesthetic,” added Rodriguez. “As a brand, we’re on a journey of stylish self-discovery, and we get a really unique chance to build an audience and grow right along with them. Also, I’m not sure who is more excited that I’m working with Brian — me or our mother.”

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