Music, Humor, Product Placement and Animation Key to TikTok Success, Study Finds

Still pondering a presence on TikTok?

A recent report from InVideo found several key components to making brands’ presence on the social media platform a success. Companies should consider posting more than three times per week with some combination of music, product placement, humor, animations and graphics, according to InVideo.

The online video making platform said it recently studied over 300 brands and more than 650 videos from top brands on TikTok to discover what content and style works best on the platform to manage a company’s presence.

Among the key results InVideo revealed include: Posting 3.52 times a week on average, something done by the best-performing brands; setting the mood with songs, which are in 80% of the top videos; and product placement, which is found in 90% of videos.

The study also found that brand events and videos with graphic overlays and animations are high performers.

In terms of going viral, the study found that a larger following is helpful. “The larger your audience, the more likely you are to get shares, likes, and comments for your videos,” the report said. “Building a large and dedicated fan base should be one of the top priorities for your channel.”

Specifically by running paid campaigns and giveaways, brands can expect to boost the overall reach of content. After crunching the numbers, InVideo said that a 1% increase in followers corresponds to a 0.65% increase in average views per post.

For music, “Upbeat music was the most popular choice by far, which isn’t all that surprising when you consider that TikTok owes a large part of its popularity to dance videos,” the report said.

Meanwhile, endorsements from celebrities and influencers are also something to consider. They are relatively popular among brands on TikTok, with around a quarter of the videos including an endorsement or a collaboration.

Highlighting employees is another good way to garner views. Videos that showed staff members had, on average, more than 9 million views. “These videos also put a human face to your firm, which is always priceless,” said InVideo.

Finally, InVideo noted that just 3.7% of the videos studied included a call to action, which the company said is a missed opportunity. “Asking your followers to follow your channel or reach out to you on other social media channels can do wonders and should always be something you consider when planning your videos,” the report noted.

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