These Are the Social Media Marketing Tactics Brand Execs Are Leaning Into This Fall

The ever-shifting social media landscape has never been easy to navigate for footwear executives, but the past year has been doozy, marked by the rapid rise of video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, changing expectations about how brands communicate on social issues, and increased adoption of direct sales programs like livestream shopping.

Yet amid so much change, the need to invest wisely in a social media strategy has become imperative, with people spending more time than ever online.

Leaders at top comfort shoe brands reveal their strategies for connecting with new and existing customers on digital platforms this fall and holiday.

Alison Bergen
CEO, Aerosoles

“For fall, our Laura Ashley partnership and the compelling content surrounding it will be a major way we engage with customers on social media. We thought of this collaboration really holistically and wanted to build out an entire world around the product that draws our followers in. We’ve partnered with content creator Harling Ross from the beginning on this project, working closely with her on curating a digital ‘Cottage Shoppe’ of vintage décor, accessories and clothing that embodies the collaboration’s ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic and gives shoppers a new reason to visit Aerosoles.com.”

Aerosoles Alison Bergen
Aerosoles CEO Alison Bergen
CREDIT: Courtesy of Aerosoles

Frank Cammarata
Founder & CEO, The Enjoiya Group

“Instagram is definitely the strongest for us in terms of engaging our customers. We work with many influencers and bloggers, who create very appealing photos and videos. It’s an excellent way for us to showcase our shoes in creative and unique ways. Our social media campaigns focus on educating the consumer about what sets our brands apart, namely fashion, comfort, quality and value. We reinforce our relationship with our customers by asking open-ended questions about their lifestyles and preferences. We also incorporate a call to action, which helps to increase engagement.”

Enjoiya Spring 2022 Sandal
A spring 2022 sandal from Enjoiya.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Enjoiya

Brad Kinnas
VP of e-commerce & digital marketing, Aetrex Worldwide

“We’ve had great success launching new products on Livestream shopping events [on Facebook and Instagram]. Our customers’ experience is far more appealing and convenient. They can view all of the product styles, colors and comfort features. Plus, they can ask questions, get answers in real time and buy the product all in one forum. Launching new products on a Livestream platform also generates excitement, curiosity and exclusivity. We reward our viewers who follow us by giving them access to exclusive content and promotions.”

Aetrex Brad Kinnas
Brad Kinnas of Aetrex
CREDIT: Courtesy of Aetrex

Tiss Dahan
VP of marketing, Dansko

“Social media platforms change rapidly and our team has stayed on top of the current trends that are driving higher engagement and impressions. We are leveraging tools like Reels on Instagram, and tapping in to platforms like TikTok to keep our consumers engaged with video, audio and animation. We also have taken steps to understand how her preferences may have shifted, enabling us to better understand what is resonating with her in today’s environment. This allows us to produce more content that we — and our retail partners — can use on social media to reflect how our footwear fits within our consumer’s lifestyle, hobbies and fashion choices.”

Dansko Larisa Leopard Flat
Dansko’s Larisa leopard-print flat for fall 2021.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Dansko

Edna De Pamphilis
Marketing Director, Lamo

“Aside from the digital campaigns that we will set forth for the fall and holiday season, we are looking to partner with influencers who embody the casual and comfortable aspect of the Lamo brand. We are looking to tap into some of their audiences but also partner with them on collaborations such as giveaways, contests and livestream shopping experiences to provide more insight into our brand, products and engage on a different level.”

Lamo Edna De Pamphilis
Edna De Pamphilis
CREDIT: Courtesy of Lamo
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